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My kitchen sink of handy utility scripts that I have.
Shell VimL Perl Python
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*nix #4 - Added a README for *nix
aliases #1 - Added f aliases (dunno how I missed not having that in the repo).
bash \#4 - Added aliases/ and took away from .zsh and .bash
bin Added bin/tidyfile
git Added
heroku Added some heroku aliases
mac Amended lazy_copy
mutt added status_format for
screen Turn off the screen startup message
ssh Added ssh/config. Defaults to keepalive for all hosts
tmux Tmux now uses zsh as the default shell
vim Added simple git shortcuts to my vimrc
zsh Run the bootstrap in zsh not bash so oh-my-zsh is happy. Took away ja…
.gitignore #4 - Amended README #1 - Added brew_install()


My kitchen sink of handy utility scripts & configurations that I have that aid my workflow.



If you're interested in the philosophy behind why projects like these are awesome, you might want to read the post @holman wrote on the subject.

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