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stuff I am learning

stuff·I·am·learning /ˈstuffˌI,am,learning/

Learning MOFOs


I am constantly striving to learn new things. This is a repo is simply to keep the stuff I've learnt.

Each example will be a few sentences and some example code explaining the concept and bits of syntax, commands, or tips I've recently learned.

This repo is based on til from thoughtbot.


At the start of 2015 I decided to commit to Github at least once a day. Here is the accompaning blog post about it. The rules were fairly simple:

  • Any commit counts
  • Any issue counts

My get out clause to stop breaking the chain is to add an issue or add an alias to my dotfiles repo. When I got to 100 days I done some stats on my contributions. Adding an issue wasn't as common as I thought it was and 90% of them were closed within a week of them being created so all things being equal that side of things was ok. The real killer was just adding an alias to my dotfiles.

So instead of adding aliases to my dotfiles I've decided to create this repo and use whatever I have learnt in here. Most of it will be simple hacks or workflow add ons. I would think. Who knows. Lets see what happens.