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Magic for making slideshows with Racket

Motivation and background

I'm a scientist, so I make a fair number of presentations. I'm also a purist and a nerd, so it makes me crazy to design my presentations in PowerPoint, which I find clunky and often infuriating. My slides are mostly a little bit of text and a few images, nicely arranged. That information should be grepable and easily transportable.

I therefore love Racket's slideshow, which I'll summarize as "the presentation is a program". Imagine Beamer but more succint.

My problem with slideshow is that it lacks a lot of the common functionality I use with slides. I want a title slide, transition slides, images that are scaled relative to the page, etc. I slowly collected all this functionality in Laterna.

Getting started


You can install Laterna like any other package:

  1. Download it.
  2. Install it via raco or, easier, via DrRacket.

Using it

Replace your (require slideshow) and whatever else with just (require laterna). The things that Laterna provides that I think are particularly useful are:

  • slide/title. (slide "Meter in Tennyson" items...) is like (slide #:title "Meter in Tennyson" items...). Laterna's title processing is also takes care of Markdown-style italics and bold: words in the title are by default is bold. Words inside starts become *italics*, double-star becomes **normal**.
  • transition-slide. It takes just one string and puts that string in the middle of the slide.
  • bitmap/relative-width. It takes a filename and a float. It scales the bitmap to that float's width relative to the slide's width.
  • with-ref. It takes a pict and a string. The string gets put as a mini-caption to the bottom-right, just like you would do to give a citation or reference for a picture.
  • enum. Takes a number and some text, so (enum 1 "Iambic") (enum 2 "Spondaic") feels like writing a list in markdown.
  • title-slide. Takes a title, which is typeset differently, and then the rest of the content like normal.
  • pin-over*. It's like pin-over, but it can take many specs.


  • Needs nicer documentation.
  • More configurability.


Scott Olesen