Treatment Effect eXplorer for Microbial Ecology eXperiments
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Welcome to pytexmex, a Python 3 implementation of R package texmexseq

Treatment Effect eXplorer for Microbial Ecology eXperiments (texmex) is designed to normalize OTU count data and correct for community composition changes that are common to a control and experimental unit.

Getting started

Read the documentation.

Check out the demo script under demo/, which uses the demo data in data/.


I'm not sure the package is fully functional. You can set it up in "development" mode with:

python3 develop

After that, you should be able to import pytexmex and get everything. If you want to "unlink" this development version, you can

python3 develop --uninstall


  • Check the values I compute against Bulmer's values (i.e., the ones in macroecotools)
  • Clean up documentation (and this and this)
  • Write some nicer documentation intro
  • Make the package structure correct
  • Make sure the files are correct
  • The pp_plot_data is slow because it computes so many pmf's. There's probably a good way to start approximating the values for high n.
  • Package the poilog functions into a scipy-style distribution