Writing a book based on CYOD (Choose Your Own Devce) in education.
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1.0 - Table of Contents.md
1.1 - Dedication.md
1.2 - Author Notes.md
1.3 - Introduction.md
2.0 - Technology.md
2.1 - What Is CYOD.md
2.2 - It's Not About the Device.md
2.X - Bargain Devices.md
2.X - It Doesn’t Have to Scale.md
2.X - It’s Not A Fight For Control.md
2.X - Percentages.md
2.X - Refresh Cycle.md
2.X - Systems Over Hardware.md
3.0 - Students.md
3.X - Anywhere Not Everywhere.md
3.X - Digital Citizenship.md
3.X - Include Students.md
3.X - Learning How to Learn with Technology.md
3.X - Start Early.md
3.X - Students at Home.md
3.X - The Projector.md
3.X - There Isn’t One Learning Style.md
3.X - Working Offline.md
4.0 - Teachers.md
4.X - 1:1 Does Not Equal Always On.md
4.X - 1:1 is for Everyone.md
4.X - 20-60-20 Rule.md
4.X - A Step Forward, Not A Replacement.md
4.X - Authentic Feedback.md
4.X - Not A Teaching Replacement.md
4.X - Resourcefulness Over Resources.md
4.X - The Right Software.md
5.0 - Administrators.md
5.X - A Utility.md
5.X - Getting the Budget Under Control.md
5.X - It’s Never Done.md
6.0 - Conclusion.md
6.X - Who Wrote This Book.md
6.X - Why I Wrote This Book.md
A Community Effort.md
Accessible Software.md
Creating The Right Conditions.md
Culture Matters.md


CYOD (Choose Your Own Device)

This repository is a being used for writing a book on educational technology. Specifically the use of a CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) program in a K12 environment.

This book is being written entirely in public. You can view the progress, changes, and half formed thoughts here. You can see the changes over time in the version history.

To learn more about the project and how to support it, visit https://swoicik.com/cyod

This content is currently under copyright by swoicik. Please contact the owner of this repository for more information.