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Fleet VieweR

View your fleet in Virtual Reality.

Currently written only in Unity, only Google VR Daydream is supported for now, but other platforms could be supported if there is a high enough demand.

The base of this app will be a generic 3D model importer.
Star Citizen (SC) will be first-class supported with pre-defined models (eventually network fetched/updated).
Other first-class support (Elite Dangerous, EVE Online, No Man's Sky, Space Engineers, Kerbal Space Program, etc) could be added by other Open Source developers.

Fleet VieweR 20171005 progress

Estimated Milestones


  • v1 Add and view single hard coded model
    • Work out navigation and UI
  • v2 Add and view multiple hard coded models
  • v3 Import/Refresh model(s) from URL [and cache locally]
  • v4 Auto-Arrange and/or Sort multiple models (Name, Size, Role, Type (Vehicle, Skimmer, Atmosphere Only, Space, ...), Metadata (Manufacturer, Model, ...), ...)


Star Citizen

  • Import your Hangar and select which ships you want auto-imported
  • Use not-currently-existing Star Citizen API to:
    • Report stats/location/contents of ships/vehicles
    • Report UEC
  • Crazy ideas (mostly just for the fun of it and to push myself even further):
    • Multiple people avatars to simultaneously browse over the network
    • Voip group calls and render to texture