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Elasticsearch statsd plugin

This plugin creates a little push service, which regularly updates a statsd host with indices stats and nodes stats. In case you are running a cluster, these datas are always only pushed from the master node.

The data sent to the statsd server tries to be roughly equivalent to Indices Stats API and Nodes Stats Api


As plugins (except site plugins) cannot be automatically installed from github currently you need to build the plugin yourself (takes half a minute including an integrations test).

git clone
cd elasticsearch-statsd-plugin
mvn package
/path/to/elasticsearch/bin/plugin -install statsd -url file:///absolute/path/to/current/dir/target/releases/


Configuration is possible via three parameters:

  • The statsd host to connect to (default: none)
  • metrics.statsd.port: The port to connect to (default: 8125)
  • metrics.statsd.every: The interval to push data (default: 1m)
  • metrics.statsd.prefix: The metric prefix that's sent with metric names (default: elasticsearch.your_cluster_name)

Check your elasticsearch log file for a line like this after adding the configuration parameters below to the configuration file

[2013-02-08 16:01:49,153][INFO ][service.statsd         ] [Sea Urchin] Statsd reporting triggered every [1m] to host []


  • No really nice cluster support yet (needed it for a single instance system)
  • Not extensively tested
  • In case of a master node failover, counts are starting from 0 again (in case you are wondering about spikes)


Heavily inspired by the excellent metrics library by Code Hale and its GraphiteReporter add-on.