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SWORD Common Code, including the desktop client
This project contains the code for the SWORD common library and the
associated desktop client (gui and command line mode).
The project is built as a MAVEN ( project. The
main configuration can be found in pom.xml.
The output from this module is used by other projects that have been
built during the SWORD projects. In order that the common code is available,
once the code builds successfully, there is an install step that you need to
run so that the library is available to other projects.
This project was built and tested within Netbeans, but as a result of using
maven you can either build the project at the command line or within another
maven aware IDE.
The following command can be used to install the jar file into the common
maven repository on your machine so that it can be accessed by other projects.
If typing at the command line, the following would all be on one line.
mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=sword -Dfile=target/sword-java-common-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar -Dpackaging=jar -DartifactId=java-common
If you are running this goal within Netbeans, right click on the project name
(in the projects view) and then select Custom > Goals...
In the dialog that is displayed, enter the install:install-file into the Goal
line. You do not need to enter anything into the Profiles line. In the
properties box, enter the following:
Building a Client Distribution
To build the client distribution, run the following:
mvn -Pdistribution assembly:assembly
If you are building within Netbeans, right click on the project and select
Custom > Goals ... In the dialog that is displayed, enter
assembly:assembly into the Goal line and enter distribution in the profiles
This goal will generate a directory within the target folder. This will contain
a distribution within a sub-directory. To run the application, double click
on the swordclient1.1.jar file that is generated.
For help and assistance when building this project, please contact the
main sword-app email list