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Welcome to the SWORD v2 PHP client library!
Version: 0.1

The SWORDAPP v2 PHP client library is a PHP library designed to assist with
the creation of SWORD deposit tools. The client library allows PHP code to
easily make use of the two SWORD functions:

 - GETting a Service Document
 - POSTing a package or file into a repository
 - PUTting an updated file into a repository
 - DELETEing a file or item from a repository

The library was originally written by Stuart Lewis ( as
part of the JISC funded SWORD2 project. Limited support for the library is
availble via the sword-app-tech email list:


The latest version of the library can be downloaded from GitHub:


The library is licenced with the New BSD Licence. See the file LICENCE in the
distribution directory.

SWORD Compatibility
This version of the library is compatible with SWORD version 2.0

This library requires:

 - PHP version 5
    + CURL extension
    + SimpleXML extension
    + ZIP extension (for the packager only)

How to use the library
The easiest way to understand the library is to look at the 
test/test-swordappclient.php file which exercises all the functions and
variables of the library.

The main methods to use are from swordappclient.php:

 - servicedocument($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo)
 - deposit($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_fname, $sac_packaging= '', $sac_contenttype = '', $sac_inprogress = false)
 - depositMultipart($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_package, $sac_inprogress = false)
 - depositAtomEntry($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_fname, $sac_inprogress = false)
 - completeIncompleteDeposit($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo)
 - retrieveContent($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_accept_packaging = "")
 - retrieveDepositReceipt($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_accept_packaging = "")
 - replaceFileContent($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_fname, $sac_packaging= '', $sac_contenttype = '', $sac_metadata_relevant = false)
 - replaceMetadata($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_fname, $sac_inprogress = false)
 - replaceMetadataAndFile($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_package, $sac_inprogress = false)
 - addExtraFileToMediaResource($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_fname, $sac_contenttype = '', $sac_metadata_relevant = false)
 - addExtraPackage($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_fname, $sac_packaging = '', $sac_contenttype, $sac_inprogress = false)
 - addExtraAtomEntry($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_fname, $sac_inprogress = false)
 - addExtraMultipartPackage($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo, $sac_package, $sac_inprogress = false)
 - deleteContainer($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo)
 - deleteResourceContent($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo)
 - retrieveAtomStatement($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo)
 - retrieveOAIOREStatement($sac_url, $sac_u, $sac_p, $sac_obo)

The functions return a SWORDAPPServiceDocument, a SWORDAPPEntry, a
SWORDAPPResponse or a SWORDAPPErrorDocument object as appropriate.
These classes can then be interrogated (e.g. $servicedocument->sac_workspaces).

The main function parameters are:

 - $sac_url: The URL to interact with (e.g. service document URL, deposit URL, etc)
 - $sac_u: The username
 - $sac_p: The password
 - $sac_obo: The on-behalf-of user name (optional, can be left empty)
 - $sac_fname: Filename to deposit
 - $sac_packaging: THe packaging format of the package being deposited
 - $sac_inprogress: Whether or not the deposit should be considered 'in-progress'

The SWORD v2 specification can be seen at:


Deposits can be made using packages.  By default, all SWORD v2 interfaces
should accept Atom Multipart pacakges.  These can be generated using the
'package_atom_multipart.php' class.

Some repositories will accept METS+SWAP packages.  These can be generated
using the 'package_mets_swap.php' class.

An example website that can also be used for testing is included in

Configure your web server to serve that directory (and child directories)
to try the application.

Example uses of the packagers, and the SWORD client can be seen in the
/test directory.

0.1 (18th October 2011)
 - First release, forked from version 1 of the library