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Ever tried to access Java objects from a C/C++ thread using JNI? Have you ever
lost plenty of time on JNI documentation just to get a simple data from your
Java software from inside a C/C++ library? Do you have no time to write a
simple Java API for your implemented device driver? Try jnyikes.

'jnyikes' is a middleware for those Java or C/C++ developers who needs to
transfer data from one side to the other but have no time to learn all the JNI
details. It will wrap all the JNI details and hard coding stuff by providing
easy C/C++ and Java functions, objects and methods. Its documentation tends to
teach programmers by example and is very intuitive, not needing any JNI
expertise to accomplish almost all common developing objectives.

Java and C deloppers will be very happy to use it when they realize it is not
needed to read pages and pages of JNI documentation with 'jnyikes'.