An online character sheet for Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
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SWSheets is a simple application for creating, storing, sharing, and printing Edge of the Empire characters online. It is not intended to enforce any rules of character building or provide any aids beyond calculating die rolls. It used to be called EdgeBuilder until I couldn't get that domain. I'm not going to rename that in the code anytime soon though.

Planned Features & Suggestions

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SWSheets was built against Elixir 1.4, Erlang 19, and PostgreSQL 9.3. Once you have all three installed, do the following to set up the app:

> mix deps.get

Once Mix has fetched all dependencies, you'll need to set up the database. An easy way to do this for local development follows (this approach is not recommended for production).

> createuser pair -d
> script/dbdo


To run SWSheets, type mix phoenix.server.

Now you can visit localhost:4000 from your browser.


I use ansible-swsheets. You could probably use Heroku too though.


If you have run script/dbdo then you're ready to test with

> mix test


All work within this repo is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 United States license. Essentially you are welcome to do what you like with this as long as you provide attribution and don't charge for it.

Star Wars, Edge of the Empire, and all associated works remain the copyright of their respective copyright holders.

Artwork from "Star Wars Sketch Cards Cantina" by antonvandort is included under its original CC BY-NC ND license.