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M1522.000100 Principles and Practices of Software Development


  • Team formation due 9/10 (Tue) 6pm
  • HW1 out; due 9/15 (Sun) 6pm
  • Sep.04: Skeleton code of HW1 python updated (to import os package)
  • HW2 out; due 10/8 (Tue) 6pm
  • Sep.18 (16:05): Minor modification of HW2's backend
  • Sep.21 (23:15): Clarification of article/:id/edit spec, modification of api put description (diff)
  • Sep.23 (09:38): Deadline of hw2 changed (10/4 for feature implementation, 10/11 for testing)


  • Sep. 02 : homework 1 is out

    • Due : 9/15 (Sun) 18:00 (hard deadline)
    • This is an individual assignment
  • Sep. 17 : homework 2 is out

    • Due : 10/4 (Fri) 18:00 (feature), 10/11 (Fri) 18:00 (unittest) (hard deadline)
    • This is an individual assignment
  • Oct. 07: homework 3 is out

    • Due : 10/27 (Sun) 18:00 (hard deadline)
    • This is an individual assignment

Project Guideline

Schedule (TBD)

Week Lecture Practice Session Homework / Project / Exam
9/2,4 Course overview; project examples ; Project examples Python, Javascript Basics Review HW1 out
9/9,11 What softwares do, requirements and challenges to make them good, safe, and reliable; How to collaborate as a team and the methods and tools for it Choosuk (No practice session) Team formation due 9/10 (Tue) 6pm;
9/16,18 Good coding habits. Comments and code conventions React Tutorial Project proposal due 9/17 (Tue) 6pm, HW 1 due 9/15 6pm
9/23,25 Complexity problem and software structures Redux Tutorial Project sprint 1 begin (bi-weekly meetings with TAs at the end of sprint)
9/30,10/2 Complexity problem and software structures React + Redux Testing
10/7,9 Testing and throwing exceptions, Requirements and specification CI, Project Setup, Django Intro HW 2 due 10/11 6pm, Project sprint 2 begin
10/14,16 Software development processes, Design patterns I Django, React + Django Setup
10/21,23 Software structure and modeling Django Testing Project sprint 3 begin
10/28,30 Code refactoring Mid-project check HW 3 due 10/27 6pm
11/4,6 Design patterns 2 DB + Backend, Writing Good Code Project sprint 4 begin
11/11,13 Design patterns 3 Design Pattern, Code Refactoring
11/18,20 Operation Code Review Project sprint 5 begin
11/25,27 Operation (load testing, security) Deployment + Optimization Coding exams (Minimum 3 hours)
12/2,4 Code optimization Deployment + Optimization Project sprint 6 begin
12/9,11 Advanced topics
12/15 Project demo video submission due (6pm)
12/16 Project poster session Project final report (due 12/18 6pm)

Office hours

Professor :

  • Office: Bldg. 302, Rm. 322
  • MonWed 4PM-5PM, by appointment

TAs :

Taebum Kim

Kyunggeun Lee

Haeyoon Cho

(Please send TAs an email ahead of time, we can set up a specific time and place)

Project Teams

  1. Matchmaker: Do activities with whoever you want - Smart match making service
  2. CosMOS : your cosmetics personal shopper
  3. PapersFeed: Browse and Organize papers, Share and Expand your ideas
  4. ASSA: Auto Scheduling & Sharing App
  5. WearHouse: Your very own fashion Warehouse
  6. Triplannet: Powerful travel planner that helps you to share and organize your travel plans easily
  7. PillBox : Keep Your Pills Managed. Service that notifies users automatically when to take pills using OCR technology, so that users never miss their pills
  8. SNUVOICE: Collects SNU Students' Voice
  9. Fever Time: Let yourself focus. Take record of your concentrated Time
  10. FoodBook(Food Cabinet): User-experience based review and recommendation service
  11. surBing: Provides integrated services for survey, response, and result sharing
  12. MeetingOverFlow: A powerful service that allows you to write and manage your meeting notes efficiently and helps you visualize the flow of your meeting
  13. Club For You: Create and Join clubs in SNU
  14. Booksbridge: SNS with your book-reading experience
  15. OGA: What You See Is What I Need. A location-based Q&A Service
  16. Ya-Ta!: Taxi sharing for SNU students
  17. Tu(to)ring Machine: Automate your match, for both tutor and tutee
  18. S.DA (Sentiment Diary Assistant): Diary Service - Write Easily, Keep Wisely, Share Widely
  19. SNUBot: Chatbot related to SNU
  20. Pay me Back!: Manage Dutch Pay, by taking care of complicated accounting and using automatic notification
  21. Adit - All new advertising platform
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