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# debexpo - Pylons development environment configuration
# The %(here)s variable will be replaced with the parent directory of this file
debug = true
# Uncomment and replace with the address which should receive any error reports
#email_to =
smtp_server = localhost
smtp_username =
smtp_password =
error_email_from = paste@localhost
use = egg:Paste#http
host =
port = 5000
use = egg:debexpo
full_stack = true
cache_dir = %(here)s/data
beaker.session.key = debexpo
beaker.session.secret = somesecret
sqlalchemy.url = sqlite:///%(here)s/debexpo.db
# If you'd like to fine-tune the individual locations of the cache data dirs
# for the Cache data, or the Session saves, un-comment the desired settings
# here:
#beaker.cache.data_dir = %(here)s/data/cache
#beaker.session.data_dir = %(here)s/data/sessions
# Debug mode will enable the interactive debugging tool, allowing ANYONE to
# execute malicious code after an exception is raised.
#set debug = false
# Directory name to add incoming uploaded files into
debexpo.upload.incoming = /tmp/debexpo/
# Directory name to store accepted uploaded files
debexpo.repository = /tmp/debexpo/files/
# Path to importer script
debexpo.importer = %(here)s/bin/debexpo-importer
# Whether to let debexpo handle the /debian/ directory
debexpo.handle_debian = true
# Site title (e.g. short name)
debexpo.sitetitle = Mentors
# Site name
debexpo.sitename =
# Site tagline
debexpo.tagline = Helps you get your packages into Debian
# Site logo
debexpo.logo = /debexpo-logo.png
# Site support email =
# Whether to show Debian-specific options
debexpo.debian_specific = true
# What post-upload plugins to run, in this order
debexpo.plugins.post_upload = getorigtarball notuploader
# What qa plugins to run, in this order = lintian native maintaineremail watchfile closedbugs controlfields diffclean buildsystem debianqa distribution
# What plugins to run when the package is uploaded to Debian, in this order
debexpo.plugins.post_upload_to_debian = removepackage
# What plugins to run when a package is successfully uploaded, in this order
debexpo.plugins.post_successful_upload = changeslist
# Extra plugin directory
debexpo.plugindir = /tmp
# Location of the nearest Debian mirror
debexpo.debian_mirror =
# Email address to send package accepts to
debexpo.changes_list =
# Server debexpo is being run on including http:// and excluding trailing slash
debexpo.server = http://localhost:5000
# Path to the gpg binary
debexpo.gpg_path = /usr/bin/gpg
# Path to the mentors keyring
debexpo.gpg_keyring =
# Minimum key strength required for the key to be acceptable in Debian keyring.
debexpo.gpg_minkeystrength = 4096
# Cronjobs to run by the Worker task
debexpo.cronjobs = importcomments importuploads
# Extra plugin directory
debexpo.cronjobdir = /tmp
# Debexpo cronjob Worker iteration delay.
# The worker will sleep that amount of seconds after each run
debexpo.cronjob_delay = 60
# NNTP server to connect to fetch mailing list comments/changes
debexpo.nntp_server =
# Logging configuration
keys = root, debexpo
keys = console
keys = generic
level = INFO
handlers = console
level = DEBUG
handlers =
qualname = debexpo
class = StreamHandler
args = (sys.stderr,)
level = NOTSET
formatter = generic
format = %(asctime)s,%(msecs)03d %(levelname)-5.5s [%(name)s] %(message)s
datefmt = %H:%M:%S
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