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debexpo (UNRELEASED + 1)
* Support for sponsoring guidelines. Debian Developer are asked to register at (if not done already) and provide there their personal
sponsoring guidelines. That's is a semi-structured description text to
point sponsors to individual developers who are interested to sponsor some
* Provide public profile pages for both, maintainer and developers. For
maintainer their package list is being displayed among their profile data.
On the other hand, for Debian Developers their sponsoring guidelines are
being displayed.
Both can disable their profiles if desired.
debexpo (v2)
* This is the "Welcome Nicolas Dandrimont release". He made a lot of
substantial and visible improvements in the QA plug-in codebase. The
plug-in output (e.g. Lintian runs) not only looks much better now, it is
also machine-readable in the backend which means we can tighter integrate
plug-in information into semantic workflows based on that information.
Thanks for the great work - we can do many useful things founded on that
improvements in future.
* Remove identification of uploads by upload hash when using HTTP. This
should never have been implemented that way. Instead verify the GnuPG for
uploader. Please check your GnuPG key in your profile, your key ID must match your
changed-by uploader ID, otherwise Debexpo will reject your upload. This
behavior is the same for both, HTTP and FTP uploads.
You can, but you do not need to update your ~/ if you used to use
HTTP. However, The upload hash is not used at all anymore. Existing
configurations remaing compatible for the time being, but we are going to
stop support for these legacy configurations in a future release
* Provide worker tasks which run background jobs on the Expo server. Aside of
this technical detail, this has the visible effect to our users that
packages are automatically being removed from if:
+ The package was uploaded to an official Debian archive
+ The package did not find a sponsor within 12 weeks. You can always
reupload the package before, or after it is being removed from Expo to
reset the timer again.
* Fix a bug in the orig.tar.gz handling (again). Make sure, the orig.tar.gz can
be overwritten if the user uploaded a tarball which does not match the MD5 sum
of an already known orig.tar.gz. This bug perhaps caused the most
annoyance in the past months.
* Run the QA plugin again, link to the PTS page if the package is in Debian already.
Thanks Andrew Starr-Bochicchio for providing a patch
* Provide the correct RSS feed URL in the packages index page and fix HTML
display issues on the same page.
Thanks Paul Wise for providing a patch
* Make comments (and other pre-formatted texts flow properly in the browser).
Again, thanks Paul Wise and Sasa Bozic for telling us console hackers how
pure vain graphical interfaces need to be designed.
* Allow uploads to oldstable-security and fix a substantial amount of bugs
causing the importer to crash previously.
* For those who didn't notice yet: now supports SSL.
* We upgraded several templates and workflows to reflect the new
'sponsorship-requests' based BTS workflow. Beyond, no automated
integration is done yet.
-- Arno Töll <> Wed, 15 Feb 2012 17:56:10 +0100