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from ocrn import dataset as ds
from ocrn import feature as ft
from ocrn import neuralnet as nt
import numpy as np
print "Ocrn: Optical Character Recognition using Neural Network\nLatest version available at\n"
n = nt.neuralnet(100,80,1)
print "Neural Network Initialized"
d = ds.dataset(100,1)
print "Training Data Set Initialized"
if d.generateDataSet():
print "Training Data Set Generated"
if n.loadTrainingData(d.getTrainingDataset()):
print "Training Data Set loaded"
x = raw_input("q: quit \t t: teach \t e: test \nWhat?\t:\t")
if x == "q":
elif x == "t":
t = int(raw_input("How many times?\t:\t"))
elif x == "e":
e = raw_input("Enter input file\t:\t")
x = n.activate(ft.feature.getImageFeatureVector(e))
print "\nThere is a high probability that the image is '"+str(unichr(x))+"'\n"
print "Invalid option\n"