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2233fae Nov 12, 2011
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import Image as im
import numpy as np
class feature:
#Return a 10X10 array from a monochrome BMP Image
def getImageArray(imagepath):
image =
return imagearray
except IOError:
print "File Not Found"
return np.zeros((10,10))
# Normalizes a 2D array cell.
def normalizeArrayCell( array, x, y):
for c in range(1,5):
for i in range(x-c,x+c+1):
for j in range(y-c, y+c+1):
if i<=9 and i>=0 and j<=9 and j>=0:
if array[i,j] < array[x,y] and array[i,j] < array[x,y]-0.2*c:
# Returns a Normalized 2D Array from an Input Array.
# normalizeArrayCell is called for all non zero cells
def getNormalizedArray( imagearray):
nonzerocells = np.transpose(imagearray.nonzero())
for i in range (0, nonzerocells.shape[0]):
feature.normalizeArrayCell(imagearray, nonzerocells[i][0],nonzerocells[i][1])
return imagearray
# Returns Normalized 2D array from an Image
def getNormalizedImageArray( imagepath):
return feature.getNormalizedArray(feature.getImageArray(imagepath))
# Returns Feature Vector of an Image
def getImageFeatureVector( imagepath):
array = feature.getNormalizedImageArray(imagepath)
vector = np.resize(array,(1,100))
return vector[0]