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+Tux Of War
-An interactive web interface for the webcomic [xkcd]( resembling a Unix terminal. Comics can be browsed and displayed efficiently via the commands "first", "prev", "next", and "last".
-Originally created as a joke for April Fools' 2010, the interface is now available at [](
-Use the source, Luke.
+A MCQ app that run over GAE made with terminal goodness UI.
+Jaseem Abid <>
+Vipin Nair <>
-* Jokes are by Randall Munroe, Davean Scies, Chromakode, and various contributors from IRC.
-* Many thanks to [Rod McFarland]( for his original [CLI2]( The JavaScript CLI implementation in cli.js is a heavily modified version of the CLI2 client-side logic. CLI2 is Copyright © [Rod McFarland](, 2006, 2007, 2008.
-* The bundled version of [YUI Compressor]( is Copyright © 2007-2009, [Yahoo! Inc](
+UI adapted from UNIXKCD by chromakode.
+* The code is licensed under MIT license.
* The unixkcd code is released under the [GNU GPLv2](
-* YUI Compressor is distributed under a [BSD license](, with [Rhino]( components licensed under [MPL](

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