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Some oneliner fun :)

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commit 914026a1b69973f0ae33d439013a2d17484741fc 1 parent 01534a0
@jaseemabid jaseemabid authored
Showing with 10 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +1 −1  css/style.css
  2. +9 −6 js/xkcd_cli.js
2  css/style.css
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ pre, td, p { background-color:transparent; }
code, p, span, td, th { font-size:1em; }
p, div#display, ul { margin:0; }
div#screen p, div#screen span, div#screen a { white-space:pre-wrap; }
-div#screen p.error { color:red; }
+.error { color:red; background-color:black}
div#screen li { list-style:outside outside none; }
div#welcome { display:none; }
h1, h2 { background-color:#FFF; color:#000; }
15 js/xkcd_cli.js
@@ -163,7 +163,6 @@ TerminalShell.commands['start'] = function(terminal, tatID) {
} else {
terminal.print($('<p>').addClass('error').text('You have already started. You dont have to do it again'));
TerminalShell.commands['sudo'] = function(terminal) {
@@ -696,30 +695,34 @@ TerminalShell.fallback = function(terminal, cmd) {
'lpr': 'PC LOAD LETTER',
'hello joshua': 'How about a nice game of Global Thermonuclear War?',
'xyzzy': 'Nothing happens.',
- 'date': 'March 32nd',
+ 'date': 'March 22nd 1992',
'hello': 'Why hello there!',
'who': 'Doctor Who?',
'tathva': 'Yes! What can we do for you ?',
'su': 'God mode activated. Remember, with great power comes great ... aw, screw it, go have fun.',
'fuck': 'I have a headache.',
+ 'hack':$('<h1>').addClass('error').text('You really thought its that simple ? '),
'whoami': 'You are tux maniac.',
- 'nano': 'Seriously? Why don\'t you just use Notepad.exe? Or MS Paint?',
+ 'nano': 'Seriously? Why don\'t you just use gedit or emacs',
'top': 'It\'s up there --^',
'ping': 'There is another submarine three miles ahead, bearing 225, forty fathoms down.',
'find': 'What do you want to find? Kitten would be nice.',
- 'hello':'Hello.','more':'Oh, yes! More! More!',
+ 'more':'Oh, yes! More! More!',
'your gay': 'Keep your hands off it!',
- 'hi':'Hi.','echo': 'Echo ... echo ... echo ...',
+ 'hi':'Hi.',
+ 'echo': 'Echo ... echo ... echo ...',
'bash': 'You bash your head against the wall. It\'s not very effective.','ssh': 'ssh, this is a library.',
'uname': 'Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator',
'finger': 'Mmmmmm...',
'kill': 'Terminator deployed to 1984.',
+ 'pkill' : 'Please dont say you wanna shutdown appspot',
'use the force luke': 'I believe you mean source.',
'use the source luke': 'I\'m not luke, you\'re luke!',
'serenity': 'You can\'t take the sky from me.',
'enable time travel': 'TARDIS error: Time Lord missing.',
- 'ed': 'You are not a diety.'
+ 'ed': 'You are not a diety.',
+ 'source': 'How dump ! press crtl + u'
oneliners['emacs'] = 'You should really use vim.';
oneliners['vi'] = oneliners['vim'] = 'You should really use emacs.';
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