Applications of OCaml reactive programming in web development.
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Oreo (Ocaml Reactive)

Reactive programming is a programming paradigm oriented around data flows and the propagation of change. React is a module to allow Ocaml programmers to code in reactive style. This project illustrates some examples of how reactive programming can be used in web development.

Ocsigen framework is a web framework written in Ocaml and for Ocaml programmers to develop web applications.

It contains a light-weight framework written for Ocsigen framework to write multimedia applications, made up of and The rest of the files are used to demonstrate the effect of the framework.


  • Ocaml release 4.00.1 or above
  • Opam (Ocaml Package Manager)
  • React (installation from Opam)
  • Ocsigen framework release 3.0 or above (installation from Opam)



Test your application by compiling it and running ocsigenserver locally

$ make test.byte (or test.opt)

Deploy your project on your system

$ sudo make install (or install.byte or install.opt)

Run the server on the deployed project

$ sudo make run.byte (or run.opt)

Use it for your own project and can be transferred and used for your own project. You are also welcome to folk this repo and contribute to it.