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Database migrations

This has only been tested and developed on Windows for SQL Server databases using SQL Server authentication.

Migrations go in the upsql directory. Stick to the naming convention, increase the migration number by one for each migration file.

The script includes a bootstrapper which creates the DBMigrations table. The 0th migration creates a test table. This should be replaced with your initial database setup - it could be a dump of the current database schema which would let you run up a full database from scratch, and manually create the 0th migration in the production database so it isn't run again.

The migratedb.rb script should be modified to match the testing environment. Mupltiple databases can be migrated at the same time by separating the database names with a comma. This runs the entire migration procedure on each specified database. I use this to run the migrations against two local development databases - one for user acceptance testing (containing test data) and the other for running integration tests (data gets inserted and cleared by tests).

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