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Esbonio status

esbonio - (v.) to explain

Esbonio aims to make it easier to work with reStructuredText tools such as Sphinx by providing a Language Server to enhance your editing experience. The Esbonio project is made up from a number of sub-projects

lib/esbonio/ - A Language Server for Sphinx projects.

PyPIPyPI - DownloadsLicense: MIT

The language server is still in early development, but already provides the following features.


Completion Suggestions Demo


Goto Definition Demo


Diagnostics Demo

Document Links

Document Links Demo

Document Symbols

Document Symbols Demo


Hover Demo


Implementations Demo

code/ - A VSCode extension for editing Sphinx projects

Visual Studio Marketplace VersionVisual Studio Marketplace InstallsVisual Studio Marketplace DownloadsLicense: MIT

HTML Preview Demo

This extension is purely focused on bringing the esbonio language server into VSCode to help with development and testing new ideas.

You're probably looking for the reStructuredText Extension

You may already be familiar with the reStructuredText extension which, as of v171.0.0 now also integrates the esbonio language server into VSCode. It also integrates other tools such as the linters doc8 and rstcheck and provides additional editor functionality making it easier to work with reStructuredText in general.

Wait.. so why does the Esbonio VSCode extension still exist?

The reStructuredText extension takes a more conservative approach to adopting new VSCode features and APIs leaving the Esbonio extension free to more aggressively follow new developments. The Esbonio extension is developed alongside the language server itself, which allows for easy testing of new features without waiting for downstream projects to catch up. Finally, the Esbonio extension serves as an up to date reference for projects that integrate esbonio into other editors.

That sounds great... but which extension is right for me?

Try the reStructuredText extension if

  • You need an extension compatible with older versions of VSCode
  • You are looking for a more rounded editing experience.

Try the Esbonio extension if

  • You want to make use of the newer features available in recent VSCode versions
  • You are only interested in the features provided by the language server

lib/esbonio-extensions/ - A collection of Sphinx extensions

PyPIPyPI - DownloadsLicense: MIT