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My Résumé

This is a middleman project for my résumé. I feel that a Rails project with MySQL is massively inefficient, and my old HTML/CSS version was just as bad.

Feel free to fork this if you want to build your own, but I'd wait a bit. It's still missing a bunch of features that I'd like to support, and the data structure isn't quite ready.

I'm still in the middle of converting my old markup to the hresume microformat.

So read on if, despite the forewarning, you still want to...

Build Your Own

I'm using rvm and bundler, so copy the .rvmrc-example file to .rvmrc and the thing where you cd out and cd back in...

Run gem install bundler && bundle install

All the resume data is inside the site/data/resume.yaml file.

The summary and bio fields are all post processed with Maruku, an implementation of Markdown.

Rake Tasks

There are a couple Rake tasks set up thanks to scottwb

Just cd into the site directory and you can run these commands

  • rake preview - to start the server
  • rake build - to build the site
  • rake deploy - uses rsync to copy your build to a server
  • rake gen_deploy - builds then rsyncs

(if you're using bundler, you'll want to prefix each of those rake commands with a bundle exec like bundle exec rake preview)


Middleman and some code I pulled from Rails are MIT Licensed