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Twitter console client using the User Stream API

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twitter_console v0.1 by @jazzychad


    'twitter_console' has no license or anything. Hack and/or use at will for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
    The included 'Phirehose' library is released under the GPLv2 license:
    Phirehose library by Fenn Bailey:

    'twitter_console' is a twitter streaming client using the newly released User Streams with are in pre-alpha. Stuff make break.
    It is written in PHP. Want a ruby client? Port it yourself or use @rk's instead.


You will need 2 terminal windows to run twitter_console. Either open up a 'screen' session, or use tabbed terminals or something.

Terminal 1:
  Edit the userstream.php file and replace "username" and "password" near the end of the file with your Twitter credentials.
  Run the script thusly:
    php userstream.php

Terminal 2:
  Edit twitter_console.php and replace "username" and "password" in the 'defines' at the top of the file.
  Run the script thusly:
    php twitter_console.php
    Some terminal emulators do not respect the terminal escape sequence to auto-scroll a subsection of the terminal window.
    This can be fixed in one of two ways:
       i.  Run the script inside a 'screen' session (which I have found generally supports that sepcific escape sequence)
       ii. Add a do_tweet() handler to act like the other event handlers. The downside is that you will have to hardcode the number of rows in which the tweets will appear.

  By default the top sections take up 36 or so lines. If your window is smaller than this, the results are unexpected. Reduce your font-size.
  This client is not perfect, but it is working. It is for developers only right now since User Streams are in pre-alpha phase.
  I offer no support for twitter_console.


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