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You can find all processed data for the Hamilton dataviz project here. For the raw version, go here.

Files explained

  • lines.json: an object keyed by song and line number, and values are the set of consecutive lines by a singer.
  • themes.json: an object keyed by theme id (made up by me), and values are the array of lines with that theme
  • characters.json(never used): an object with characters and conversations, keyed by their id's and the values are the line keys
  • words.json(never used): object keyed by all the words in the musical and the values are the corresponding lines



How to read


  • key: line key
  • (example) 1:31 would be song 1, line 31
  • (example) 1:1-5 would be song 1, lines 1 through 5
  • value: array of 4 values
  • 0: line key
  • 1: array
  • 0: character(s) singing
  • 1: character(s) excluded from singing
  • 2: character(s) the lines were directed to
  • 2: array of the actual lyrics in those lines
  • 3: number of lines


  • key: theme_id
  • value: array of all lines with the theme
  • 0: modified line keys
  • (example): 43:9/1-9 would be a theme at song 43 line 9 in the set of lines 43:1-9
  • 1: array of the actual lyrics