Useful user scripts for OIers
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User Scripts

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Useful user scripts for OIers.

Written in TypeScript, bundle by Webpack.


  1. Download Tampermonkey for your browser.

  2. Just click the "install" link.




  • Provide links for related problems on luogu, vijos, codevs, etc.
  • Provide direct data download link (based on, for personal study only).
  • Provide access to protected problems (read only, cannot submit yet).
  • Add a mark before the title if you have solved this problem already.
  • Compare solved problems between you and other users.
  • Keep your session.



Config Entrance is at the left nav bar

  • Provide a more friendly UI (modified from this style).
  • Load comments automatically in discuss pages.
  • Compare solved problems between you and other users.
  • Add your score of the problem before the title.
  • Extend the original search function.
    • Default: direct search for the problem (title or pid).
    • Start with u: : search for the user (username or uid).


git clone
cd user-scripts
# if you use npm
npm install
# if you use yarn
yarn install

Before you commit or pull request, you need to make sure your code passes the test and is built.

# if you use npm
npm run tslint
npm run stylelint
npm run build
# if you use yarn
yarn tslint
yarn stylelint
yarn build

Thanks for your contribution.