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TeleBall - Retro Handheld Game Console


What is TeleBall?

TeleBall is a handheld game console. You cannot buy it. You need to build it by yourself. It lets you play BreakOut in single-player mode using one device and Tennis for Two in multi-player mode using two devices communicating via radio.

TeleBall is pretty retro and very minimalistic: It features an 8x8 pixel LED matrix display, a paddle as game controller and one button. Therefore, the range of possible games is limited but you will be surprised how much fun and even zenlike meditation this kind of gameplay can bring you, particularly when you play Tennis for Two with a friend.


About this GIT Repository

This repository contains everything you need to build your own TeleBall device:

  • CAD .stl and .cmb.gz data for your 3D printer or for any online 3D print shop to 3D print the TeleBall case

  • Eagle PCB layout for any online PCB manufacturer to make the TeleBall PCB

  • Part lists and hints how to build the hardware

  • Arduino source code to flash the firmware

TeleBall is made using the Arduino Nano platform on a custom PCB.

Browse TeleBall's project page for a much better documentation, including a how-to play and how-to build guide and a bill of materials (BOM). The project page is also available offline using index.html in the root folder of this repository.

Folder Structure

cad:    CAD data for 3D printing the TeleBall case
        Use ".stl" to modify the design or to create a custom output file.
        Most online 3D print shops can use the ".cmb.gz" for production.
        Made with FreeCad:

doc:    HTML documentation; use `index.html` in root folder to browse

eagle:  Electronic schematic diagram including PCB layout.
        The files are only needed, if you want to modify
        anything; otherwise you can just send the ".brd" file to any
        online PCB manufacturing company to receive a TeleBall PCB.
        Made with the freeware version of Eagle:

src:    Arduino source code aka Sketch in the subfolder "TeleBall".
        Compile and upload it to your device using Arduino's IDE. You need
        to install the libraries from first, before being
        able to compile. The "archive" folder contains historic versions.
        Made with Arduino:

The Makers

TeleBall is brought to you by

  • sy2002: idea, code and original circurit design
  • doubleflash: additional circurit design and board layout
  • lamags: body housing/case

TeleBall was designed, built and released as an Open Source / Open Hardware project during August 2014 and January 2015.

TeleBall is a project of MEGA - Museum of Electronic Games & Art.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Email to sy2002 at