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ZX-Uno @ MEGA65: ZX Spectrum Core

This MEGA65 Core is based on Miguel Angel Rodriguez Jodar's great ZX-Uno. It was ported to the MEGA65 in 2020/21 by sy2002. The ZX Spectrum is quite a machine! For sure not self-explanatory for beginners and the core does need a specially prepared SD card, so do not miss the Getting Started tutorial.

  1. Walk through the Getting Started tutorial: Download the right core and prepare the SD card

  2. Learn more about the Keyboard Mapping

  3. Fine tune your Joysticks

  4. Make sure that the Games that you want to play are running well

Important keys

  • Esc enters the file manager where you can browse the SD card and load/run programs. Use the cursor keys to navigate, Enter to open a subfolder or run a program and Tab to go up one sub-folder-level.
  • Backspace is not Inst/Del on the ZX Spectrum but Arrow left (which is the key to the left of 1).
  • When Caps Lock is on, then the cursor keys are emulating a Sinclair (aka Interface 2) joystick, while the Space bar is the fire button.