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Slightly modified options framework, w/ drag & drop slider and other customizations.

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Version 1.5.2

Important Notice - SMOF has reached the end of its development life cycle as we are now joining forces with the Redux Framework. Cheers - Syamil MJ ;)

SMOF is a back-end framework for creating and managing options inside WordPress themes. It cuts off the process of developing your own admin framework and give you more time to actually focus on building your theme. SMOF comes bundled with plentiful of options that should serve most of the needs of any modern theme authors.

The main feature of SMOF is its intuitive, user-friendly interface that aims to look as native as possible to WordPress. Additionally, it comes loaded with some awesome features that makes it even more usable to you as a theme author.

Some of these are:

  • Native Media Library Uploader
  • Native WP Color Picker
  • Drag and Drop Unlimited Slider Options
  • Layout Manager
  • Tiles
  • Backup and Restore
  • Keeps the site URL out of the database
  • Google fonts with live preview
  • Jquery UI slider
  • ...and much more(including base elements inputs, textarea, etc.)

Try the SMOF to Redux Converter

For those interested in the SMOF & NHP fork known as Redux Framework 3.0 we suggest trying the Redux Converter. This plugin is a simple solution that provides the opportunity to experience what Redux has to offer, without the hassle of rewriting your current config file. Simply install the plugin on a site using SMOF and install the ReduxFramework plugin. A new menu item titled SMOF 2 Redux will appear. This newly installed panel will take the current SMOF config - along with any stored data - and convert it to a Redux-compatible format for examination and experimentation.

If you've already tested Redux and want to make the switch, open the Convert to Redux section. You'll be provided with a class that not only instantiates the new Redux-powered panel, but will also migrate any existing data with the activation or upgrade of your theme.

We look forward to you joining our community!



SMOF is heavily based on some of these available frameworks.


SMOF is released under GPLv3 - You are free to redistribute & modify copies of the plugin under the following conditions:






  • Added the ability to use &tab= in the URL to define the active tab
  • Extra checks for DB saving to reduce server overhead
  • Added default colors to color picker instead of clear option
  • Fixed speed issues, 250% reduction in load time with new class
  • Fixed error in color picker
  • Fixed Checkbox error not updating if all empty
  • Fixed Ordering saving issue
  • Fixed WP_debug, true issue


  • No more "Undefined index:" notices on theme activation.
  • Fix Import option
  • Change get_option() to get_theme_mod()
  • Fixed the issue where hidden elements are shown when addSlide button is clicked
  • Fix for "select" option #L61L149
  • Deleted old color picker assets
  • Normalize line endings
  • Other changes


  • The new WP 3.5+ "Media Uploader". Combined filed types media and upload(now they are the same, left for themes compatibility).
  • Native WP Color Picker.
  • Restrict slider drag and drop handle. Now the user can change the order, only if he click the title(header).
  • Added custom icon setting for "heading" field type. Now the icon can be set directly from options array.
  • Redesigned UI slider. I think it looks better now.
  • SMOF is now portable. You can re-define ADMIN_PATH and ADMIN_DIR in your theme's function.php.
  • Replaced deprecated functions and constants.
  • Removed old code.
  • Other minor changes.


  • Added filter hooks to settings when saving and loading
  • Transparently added pseudo-shortcodes to URLs to avoid storing the site URL in the database so that migrations are easier (no changes to your theme necessary)
  • Changed all options loading to use one function, instead of get_option()



  • Added JQueryUI Slider option( by Smartik ) - Screenshot
  • Added Switch option(with "folds" support, see demo options for examples)( by Smartik ) - Screenshot
  • Changed Google Fonts option, added some new settings and fixed 400 Bad error( by Smartik )
  • Other small changes



  • add folding checkbox group option (credits to plovs -
  • add sample grouped options
  • add transfer option
  • fix css quirks on some options
  • single call to admin/admin.php from functions.php
  • unique database name for options & backup
  • replaced ereg_replace function (deprecated in PHP 5.3)
  • uses add_theme_page() to replace add_submenu_page()
  • reorganized files, paths etc
  • delete background option
  • delete child types
  • everything a bit faster now
  • change reset method


  • add backup & restore options
  • simple tooltip for typography options
  • fix really long title on slide header
  • fix when slider is empty (no longer returns NaN)
  • smoother sliding animations when adding/deleting sliders
  • add template-debug for debugging


  • replace admin-interface.php with current stable


  • actually introduced more errors due to some crazy file swapping (I think)


  • Change "background" to "tiles"
  • Add support for jpg images for Tiles option

v1.1 13 Nov 2011

  • add new option "background"
  • typography option may now be called individually

v1.0 10 Nov 2011

  • add version number
  • shave off most if not all of the "undefined index" errors
  • disable/enable layout block by drag and drop
  • slider title will update upon typing


Slightly modified options framework, w/ drag & drop slider and other customizations.






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