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Welcome to the SMOF wiki!

This wiki contains instructions, tips & tricks and some common issues/solutions. Feel free to contribute more content as you feel necessary!

First time setup instruction:

Just put this code somewhere in your functions.php file:

require_once ('admin/index.php'); // Theme Options

Using Themes Option:

First use this code to top of header.php

<?php global $smof_data; ?>

Use Text/Textarea/Media/Color Field Like this code

<?php echo $smof_data['unique_id']; ?>

Use If Statement

<?php if($smof_data['unique_id']) { ?>
<?php echo $smof_data['unique_id']; ?>
<?php } ?>

Use Checkbox/Switch Option

if($smof_data['switch_id'] == '1') { ?>
// Here goes to your option
<?php } ?>

Using Typography

<?php global $name; $name = get_option(OPTIONS); ?> 
Font-family: <?php echo $name['unique_id']['face']?>
Font-size: <?php echo $name['unique_id']['size']?>
Color: <?php echo $name['unique_id']['color']?> 
Font-weight: <?php echo $name['unique_id']['style']?>