Update to v1.4.3

Smartik89 edited this page Apr 2, 2013 · 6 revisions

Since version 1.4.3 global variable $data becomes $smof_data. This is done just to prevent conflicts bewteen Options framework and potential plugins that can use this variable also.

To update the code in your theme you must replace this variable in your theme, also. If you know how to replace a word in multiple files at once is OK, go and do that, search for $data and replace it with $smof_data and everything should work now. But, if don't know how to do this Read what's next to see how easy is it. I will show how to do this in Notepad++, but a such function should be available in any other html editor.

So I assume that you have updated admin folder and replaced all files with latest from Github and now you're ready to update the theme:

Step 1:

  • Open Notepad++ and go to Search -> Find in files...(or press Ctrl+Shift+F)

Step 2:

  • Find what: $data
  • Replace with: $smof_data
  • Filters: *.*
  • Directory: link to your theme(should be in your computer of course)Example: C:\themes\ThemeName
  • Check In all sub-folders
  • Search mode: Normal
  • Press: Replace in Files(you can also first press Find all to see what exactly are you going to replace)

Step 3:

  • This may take a while, please be pattient.
  • When is done it will ask to press OK. Do this.
  • That's all.


Good luck.