An example Syberia project illustrating engines.
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A syberia modeling project License: MIT Join the chat at

This repository gives a full example of how to use Syberia for a modeling project. It consists of the following files:

  • The lockfile - A specification of which packages should be loaded for an R session using this project through lockbox.
  • The engines file - This file is necessary for any Syberia project. In this example, we are using the modeling engine.
  • An example model - A trivial model showing how to create an lm classifier with some trivial feature engineering. After running this model, the final output will be in a global variable called model.
  • An example mungebit - A trivial mungebit, the Syberia approach to feature engineering that allows re-use of the same code during experimental sandbox training and real-time prediction.

To run the example model, type run("example1"). This uses fuzzy matching, so you can run the model by leaving out letters as long as they appear consecutively in the model filename: run("ex1") or run("mple") will work equally well.