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Python FlickrAPI

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Most of the info can be found in the doc directory, or on

To install the latest version from PyPi:

pip install flickrapi

To install the Python Flickr API module from source into a virtualenv, run::

pip install --user poetry
poetry install

For development, install the dependencies using:

poetry install --extras 'docs qa'

then run poetry run py.test in the top-level directory.

Supported Python versions

The minimum Python version that is supported is 3.5.

As of March 2019, Python 3.4 stopped receiving security updates, at which time this library also stopped supporting it.

Generating the documentation

The documentation is written using Sphinx. Execute make html in the doc directory to generate the HTML pages. They can then be found in the doc/_build/html directory.


Run the tests on all supported Python versions with Tox (pip install tox):


To run the tests for a specific Python version, e.g. 3.6:

tox -e py36
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