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Python FlickrAPI Changelog

This is the changelog of the Python FlickrAPI package. All changes were made by Sybren A. Stüvel, unless noted otherwise.

Version 3.0: in development

  • Drop support for Python versions 3.4 and older, including Python 2.7.
  • Use Poetry for package management, rather than requirements.txt + Pip.
  • Update tests to run against an existing photo and album from Flickr Commons [ Pull request #126 ] (Hugo van Kemenade).
  • Update URLs in documentation and code from http:// to https:// [ Pull request #114 ] (Zach Adams).

Version 2.4: released 2018-02-04

  • Fix parameter naming conflict: 'method_name' parameter from do_flickr_call() clashed with 'method_name' parameter required by the Flickr API method flickr.reflection.getMethodInfo (since 952c133
  • Fixed typos [ Pull request #86 ] (Daniel Hohard)
  • Fixed infinite recursion calling FlickrAccessToken.str()
  • Drop support for EOL Python 3.3 (by hugovk)
  • Use latest pip and enable cache on travis [ Pull request #100 ] (Thijs Triemstra)
  • Properly include text files in [ Pull request #101 ] (Thijs Triemstra)

Version 2.3: released 2017-05-08

Version 2.2.1: released 2017-01-15

  • Converted the old changelog (on from HTML to MarkDown, and added that to this file.
  • Added some missing changes to the version 2.2 section.

Version 2.2: released 2017-01-15

  • Added this changelog file.
  • Added explicit support for Python 3.5.
  • Moved from a Mercurial repository at BitBucket to a Git repository at GitHub.
  • Mocking some calls to Flickr, so that unit tests can run without requiring the user to authenticate via the browser. This also prevents the upload of the test photo.
  • More serious testing, using py.test and Tox to test on all support versions of Python.
  • Automated builds are performed with Travis-CI.
  • Make flickrapi token storage directory configurable. [ Feature request #68 ]
  • Put requests in a session to benefit from connection reuse (Alexandre L).
  • When uploading a photo, send the title as UTF8
  • Sort many photosets with 'flickr.photosets.orderSets' failed [ Bug report #74]
  • Converted requested_permissions to unicode and ported authentication example to Python 3 (Michael Klich).

Version 2.1.2: released 2015-10-27

  • Added error checking (and raising of FlickrError) from the parsed-json handler

Version 2.1.1: released 2015-08-03

  • Bumped version to 2.1.1 due to some mistake with pypi

Version 2.1: released 2015-08-03

Version 2.0.1: released 2014-12-18

  • Lowered dependency versions to those shipped with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • Added Python 3.3 to the list of supported versions, rejecting Python <=2.6 and <=3.2.
  • Allow non-ascii characters in file names (Jim Easterbrook)

Version 2.0: released 2014-11-06

  • Major revision; now uses OAuth to interface with Flickr. Combines work of Sybren A. Stüvel, Jim Easterbrook, Thai Nguyen, Nick Loadholtes and Bengt.

Version 1.4.4: released 2014-06-18

  • Changed default API URL to use HTTPS (Joseph Hui).
  • PEP 8 compliance (Luar Roji).
  • Replaced Distribute with Setuptools.

Versions 1.4.1 .. 1.4.3: unreleased

  • Lots of messy changes to smoothen release procedure.

Version 1.4: released 2010-02-03

  • Using auth_callback=False when authentication is actually required now raises a FlickrError exception.

  • The implementation uses self.flickr_host that subclasses can override the API URLs.

  • Support for short URLs was added.

Version 1.3: released 2009-10-03

  • Added functions to easily walk through sets and search results, querying Flickr no more than needed.
  • Uses the hashlib module, falling back to the md5 module when hashlib is unavailable.
  • Added locking token cache, in case a Flickr API key is used by multiple processes at the same time on the same machine (or shared filesystem)
  • Removed the deprecated fail_on_error parameter.
  • Implemented the auth_callback functionality.

Version 1.2: released 2008-11-15

  • Added ElementTree support for Python 2.4. [ Patch 2007996 ]
  • Made ElementTree the default response parser.
  • The upload and replace methods now take a format parameter. [ Feature request 1912606 ]
  • Removed deprecated methods.
  • upload and replace methods no longer report progress on their callback regarding the HTTP headers.

Version 1.1: released 2008-04-15

  • Tab completion of all Flickr API functions in IPython.
  • Fix for a bug where a crash occurred when XML containing a <name /> element was parsed with XMLNode.
  • Deprecated a number of methods for old-style error handling, including the fail_on_error constructor parameter. Just handle the FlickrError exceptions instead of explicitly testing all method calls. The deprecated methods will be completely removed in release 1.2.
  • Implemented a response parser system, which still parses to XMLNode objects by default. It now also includes parsing to the Python standard ElementTree, which will soon replace XMLNode as the default response parser. See the documentation on how to use the new parsers.
  • Added format constructor parameter to set the default response format for all method calls. Overriding per call is still possible.
  • Added store_token constructor parameter that's True by default. Set to False to ensure the on-disk token cache isn't used. [ Feature request 1923728 ]
  • Added caching framework. Pass cache=True to the constructor to use it. [ Feature request 1911450 ]

Version 1.0: released 2008-03-12

Version 0.15: released 2007-11-07

  • Support for unauthenticated, read-only access to the Flickr API. [ Feature request 1802210 ]
  • Deprecated the getToken(...) method. Use getTokenPartOne(...) and getTokenPartTwo(...) instead.
  • Better Windows compatibility by opening JPEG files in binary mode.

Version 0.14: released 2007-09-19

  • upload method allows for the application to receive progress information regarding running uploads. [ Feature request 1793276 ]

  • Preliminary support for different response formats. If a format other than the default REST is chosen, the raw response will be returned to the caller without parsing.

  • Python 2.4 compatibility.

  • Uses the webbrowser Python module to start a webbrowser, instead of doing it ourselves. This will greatly improve the platform independence of applications. [ Feature request 1793350 ]

    Please note that this changes the API itself - you can no longer pass the 'browser' and 'fork' parameters to the getTokenPartOne(...) method call. The webbrowser module figures out what to do by itself.

Version 0.13: released 2007-09-12

  • No longer allow passing jpegData to the upload or replace methods. The code handling it was buggy. If you're actually using the jpegData parameter of those functions, let us know and we might restore the functionality in a proper way.
  • Full Unicode compatibility. Pass strings as unicode objects, and they'll be automatically encoded as UTF-8 before sending to Flickr. [ Bug report 1779463 ]
  • Introduced unittests. Not everything is covered yet, but we've got a good start. [ Feature request 1773475 ]
  • Refactored the upload/replace methods. [ Feature request 1778905 ]
  • Gracefully handle corrupt or otherwise invalid data in the token cache. [ Feature request 1781236 ]

Version 0.12: released 2007-08-21

  • First SourceForge based release.
  • Added replace functionality.
  • Added compatibility with graphical browsers.
  • Added functionality for GUI application authentication.
  • A FlickrError exception is now thrown when a Flickr API call returns an error status. [ Feature request 1772031 ]
  • Reorganized the package source to a Python package (it was a module).
  • Instead of writing to stderr the logging module is now used for logging.
  • No longer required to pass the API key and the authentication token to Flickr API calls. [ Feature request 1772023 ]
  • Written proper documentation [ Feature request 1772026 ]

Historical versions

Before we moved to SourceForge, there was a simple numbering scheme from version 1 to 11. Version 11 was our first version in Subversion, and was tagged as 0.11. From there on, a major.minor numbering scheme is used. This is the pre-Subversion changelog:

  1. initial release
  2. added upload functionality
  3. code cleanup, convert to doc strings
  4. better permission support
  5. converted into fuller-featured "flickrapi"
  6. fix upload sig bug (thanks Deepak Jois), encode test output
  7. fix path construction, Manish Rai Jain's improvements, exceptions
  8. change API endpoint to ""
  9. change to MIT license
  10. fix horrid \r\n bug on final boundary
  11. break out validateFrob() for subclassing
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