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This extension redirects attachment-page visitors back to the parent post.


Clean up the web

Within WordPress, you can easily upload and manage your media. This media, for example, an image, is often placed inside post content.

WordPress creates a new page as a placeholder for each attachment. These pages are not beneficial for most websites, because your visitors won't see the initially intended context. These pages are also harmful to SEO, as there's often no content attached.

With Origin, all attachment pages will redirect your visitors to the best page available. Albeit the original content, or the plain attachment itself.



Activate Origin

All you will need to do is activate the Origin extension.

There is no setup required, and no options are available.

[tsfep-image id="1"]

Not all attachments are affected in the same way

For an attachment page to redirect a visitor to its respective page, the attachment must be uploaded via the post edit screen.

If the assigned page no longer exists or has never existed, Origin will then redirect the visitor to the attachment itself.



[tsfep-release time="November 9th, 2018"]

  • Added: Attachment pages that don't have a parent now get redirected to the attachment's location itself.


[tsfep-release time="November 10th, 2017"]

  • Initial extension release.
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