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Contributing to The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is Free and Open Source Software, hosted at GitHub and

You can contribute to The SEO Framework in various ways, including:

  • Translating the project at
  • Answering support inquiries at our support forums.
  • Forwarding ideas or bug reports by opening an issue.
  • Contributing changes or additions by creating a pull request.

What we want to achieve

WordPress is becoming a breeding ground for businesses who want to exploit its vast community. We are against that, and we want to prove that the project still has room for love. A place where ideas foster for the benefit of its users in the ecosystem, rather than for the businesses controlling the software.

Our methodology

With The SEO Framework, we want to encourage sane standards.

  1. First and foremost, conform to Google’s best practices.
  2. Always use the WordPress API when storing or retrieving information.
  3. Focus on lightning-fast code over readability.
  4. Plan features ahead of time.
  5. Never lock out features or trim functionality for the sake of monetization.

You can read more about this at our about us page.

Do not exploit the ecosystem

Many WordPress users are easily convinced into using bad practices that waste their time. This helps with marketing and growth, but it ultimately hinders our users.

Do not add features that:

  1. aren't beneficial, like the nosnippet robots meta tag;
  2. obstruct the workflow of the user, like adding notifications and pop-ups;
  3. make the user think twice, like having the user choose between HTTP status code 301 and 302;
  4. cause a vendor lock-in which breaks sites when deactivating the plugin, like removing stop-words in permalinks.
  5. may be against search engine policies, like adding unwarranted review markup to their posts.

Publishing extensions

We deliver both free and paid-for extensions via the Extension Manager plugin. With that plugin, we want to bring modular features (via extensions) that not all users necessarily require.

We allow third-parties to propose and maintain extensions for the Extension Manager. We are ultimately responsible for the quality, security, and functionality of the extensions by monitoring pull requests to the project.

Note that we may decline your extension idea. So, before you start developing, please forward your request via our contact form. We'd gladly discuss the idea, and write out a template that'll take care of the extension activation process. Because we do not track which extensions are enabled, we can't allow paid-for extensions.