orc - Onion router control protocol library.
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orc - Onion router control protocol library.

go get github.com/sycamoreone/orc/control
go get github.com/sycamoreone/orc/tor

Only some low-level functionality at the moment.

To do anything with this library you will have to read the control protocol specification beforehand.

Some documentation is available.


Some examples assume that a Tor router with ControlPort 9051 open and protected by a password is running on localhost. You can start such a router temporarily to run an example:

> /usr/sbin/tor -f examples/torrc
> go run examples/circuits/main.go

Other examples like orc/examples/resolve/main.go start there own Tor process and only assume that a tor binary is available in $PATH.


I am planing to add to the library according to my own interests. Still, if anybody is interested in a particular feature, please tell me!

Comments and suggestions are also appreciated!