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Joint DLF TEI task force and TEI in Libraries SIG work space
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GIT repository for the Digital Library Federation's task force on the
Text Encoding Initiative and the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium's
special interest group on TEI in libraries.

Initially established for joint work on the _Best Practices for TEI in
Libraries_ ODDs.

To check out a copy of this repository to your local system so you can
look at and play with the files (i.e., read-only) use:
   git clone git://

To check out an initial copy of this repository to your local system
to work on it (i.e., read-write), use either:
   git clone
   git clone
(I'm not sure of the difference.)-:

In order to commit changes, you will need to send your GitHub username
to the owner of this project and follow the steps at:
in order to generate a keypair.

To generate schemas (RELAX NG; or, if you can't use RELAX NG you can
also generate DTDs and W3C XML Schema), either submit the ODD files
the TEI "Roma" website[1] or, having installed `roma`[2] on your
machine[3] issue something like
$ roma2 --patternprefix=lib3_ --noxsd --dochtml --nodtd --isoschematron lib3.odd .

To generate the main HTML documentation for the entire system, use
something like
$ xmllint --xinclude main-driver.odd > /tmp/main-driver.odd
$ ~/Documents/Stylesheets/teitohtml /tmp/main-driver.odd
If `teitohtml` does not run on your system, you could submit the
/tmp/main-driver.odd file to the OUCS OxGarage service
( instead.


[2] Available form the TEI project at Sourceforge; this is the program
    that combines customization ODDs with the TEI Guidelines and
    produces schemas and reference documentation.

[3] Unofficial instructions for installing `roma` on a Mac OS X system
    or likely a GNU/Linux system can be found at
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