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SydJS has a site! And this is it. Feel free to hack.

The site is a simple Node.js app running on Heroku using Express (and Hogan.js for templating).

If you don't have membership access to the sydjs organisation on GitHub yet (or the Heroku app), contact Lachlan Hardy or Craig Sharkie to get the hook up.

Otherwise, just fork it and send us a pull request!

Setting up a development environment

Once you've cloned (or forked) the repository, run npm install from the root of the repo to install the required Node modules.

If you're working with a direct clone of the sydjs/sydjs repo, and you've also been given access to the Heroku app, add the Heroku app push URL to your clone:

git remote add heroku git@heroku.com:sydjs-cedar.git

Running the server

Start the server with node server.js, then visit localhost:8001 on your local dev box.

Alternatively, if you're making changes to the server code, it's easier to use Nodemon to automatically reload the server when you save the file. Run npm install -g nodemon to install it, then nodemon server.js to start the server.


Please use feature branches if you're doing any new feature work. Bug fixes and simple data updates (like presenters and links) can be done on the master branch.


Deployments to the live site should only be done from the master branch of the sydjs/sydjs repo.

Once your changes have been committed to master (either directly or via merging), deployment is as simple as git push heroku master - just make sure you push up to Github as well.