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Adding HTML5 video backgrounds to websites

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by Syd Lawrence ( )

Version: 0.2.1


var videoBG = $('body').videoBG(options);


If not displaying correctly in Firefox, make sure your server is outputting the current MIME type for ogv and webm videoBG is now a element


Don't abuse this code... Don't use it too often, too many video instances will slow down the browser.

Please bear in mind bandwidth usage for both you, and your visitors

Browser Support

Firefox 4+ (the best experience) Yes (webm) Yes
Internet Explorer 9+ Yes (mp4) Yes
Firefox 3.5 Yes (ogv) Yes
Chrome Yes (webm/mp4) Yes
Safari Yes (mp4) Yes
Opera 10.5+ Yes (ogv) Yes
Internet Explorer 8 No Yes
Internet Explorer 7 No Yes
Android Browser No Yes
Mobile Safari Does not modify default behaviour
Older Browsers that support position:fixed No Yes
Archaic browsers Does not modify default behaviour
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