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Sydney Elixir Meetups

A repo to store all the slides and resources from the Sydney Elixir Meetups.

Open a PR with your slides for past meetups or open an issue with a talk proposal.

Just the slides for now, but we can easily add a static site using github pages.

Happy hacking, Josh

Future Talk Ideas

  • Want to hear a topic?
  • Want to show off a project you've been working on?
  • Want to share some interesting tips or tricks?
  • Want to explore a library in more depth?
  • Know something about anything in the topic list below?

Please open a new Github issue on this repo.

Topics People want

  • More beginner focussed talks
  • OTP part 2 (in depth)
    • distributed architectural patterns
    • Distributed Elixir
  • Dealing with dependencies
  • Elixir Deployment

Proposed Topics

  • Neural Nets implemented with Erlang Processes (Josh)
  • Collaborative text editor CRDTs (James Sadler)
  • Cool BEAM (James)
  • Elm (igas)

Other Non-Talk Ideas

  • Practical project colloborative exercise (OTP)
    • Build the sydney website
  • Exercism homework and discussion
  • Libraries people are using
  • Mob coding
  • Book club - reading and discussion

Topics we already covered

  • 1.4 process registry
  • JWT
  • Nerves workshop! (Andrew H)
  • Phoenix more in depth, Phoenix specifics
  • Ecto (2.1)