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zbx2git - Zabbix Configuration Versioning Manager

zbx2git - Exports your Zabbix configuration and uses Git to store any changes made from the previous runs

A brief overview of how zbx2git works:

  • Reads your Zabbix instance configuration from zbx2git.json
  • Exports all the available configuration objects through the API (configuration.export) taking advantage of parallelism
  • Individually saves the retrieved configurations locally
  • A Git Repository is created and maintained for each of the exported configurations objects

Pre-build Docker images

Build Requirements

  • Ruby + Gems: parallel zabbixapi git
  • Git

CGit integration

Take a look at cgit_integration



If you have any idea for an improvement or find a bug do not hesitate in opening an issue.


zbx2git is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License

Copyright © 2016, Sebastian YEPES F.

Used open source projects

Ruby | Parallel | Zabbixapi | Git

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