SDK for Sygic Travel B2B APIs.
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Sygic Travel Android SDK

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Sygic Travel Android SDK is a framework for embedding a rich set of Sygic Travel data within your application. It gives you an access to millions of places covering the whole world.


Add jCenter repository and dependency to your application's build.gradle file:

repositories {

dependencies {
	implementation ''

Development builds may be obtained from JitPack.

Available Modules

  • PlacesFacade - places retrieval & searching
  • ToursFacade - tours retrieval & searching
  • DirectionsFacade - calculating directions between places
  • AuthFacade - managing an user session
  • FavoritesFacade - user's favorite management
  • TripsFacade - user's trips management
  • SynchronizationFacade - user's data synchronization



This SDK is available under the MIT License.