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# This is a non-functional example formula to showcase all features and
# therefore, it's overly complex and dupes stuff just to comment on it.
# You may want to use `brew create` to start your own new formula!
# Documentation:
## Naming -- Every Homebrew formula is a class of the type `Formula`.
# Ruby classes have to start Upper case and dashes are not allowed.
# So we transform: `example-formula.rb` into `ExampleFormula`. Further,
# Homebrew does enforce that the name of the file and the class correspond.
# Check with `brew search` that the name is free.
class ExampleFormula < Formula
homepage "" # used by `brew home example-formula`.
revision 1 # This is used when there's no new version but it needs recompiling for another reason.
# 0 is default & unwritten.
# The url of the archive. Prefer https (security and proxy issues):
url ""
mirror "" # `mirror` is optional.
mirror "" # Mirrors are limitless, but don't go too wild.
# Optionally specify the download strategy `:using => ...`
# `:git`, `:hg`, `:svn`, `:bzr`, `:cvs`,
# `:curl` (normal file download. Will also extract.)
# `:nounzip` (without extracting)
# `:post` (download via an HTTP POST)
# `S3DownloadStrategy` (download from S3 using signed request)
url "", :using => :git, :tag => "1.2.3"
# version is seldom needed, because it's usually autodetected from the URL/tag.
version "1.2-final"
# For integrity and security, we verify the hash (`openssl dgst -sha1 <FILE>`)
# You may also use sha256 if the software uses sha256 on their homepage. Do not use md5.
# Either generate the sha locally or leave it empty & `brew install` will tell you the expected.
sha1 "cafebabe78901234567890123456789012345678"
# Stable-only dependencies should be nested inside a `stable` block rather than
# using a conditional. It is preferrable to also pull the URL and checksum into
# the block if one is necessary.
stable do
url ""
sha1 "cafebabe78901234567890123456789012345678"
depends_on "libxml2"
depends_on "libffi"
# Optionally, specify a repository to be used. Brew then generates a
# `--HEAD` option. Remember to also test it.
# The download strategies (:using =>) are the same as for `url`.
# "master" is the default branch and doesn't need stating with a :branch conditional
head ""
head "", :branch => "name_of_branch", :revision => "abc123"
head "", :using => :hg # If autodetect fails.
head do
url ""
depends_on "autoconf" => :build
depends_on "automake" => :build
depends_on "libtool" => :build
# The optional devel block is only executed if the user passes `--devel`.
# Use this to specify a not-yet-released version of a software.
devel do
url ""
sha1 "1234567890123456789012345678901234567890"
depends_on "cairo"
depends_on "pixman"
## Options
# Options can be used as arguments to `brew install`.
# To switch features on/off: `"with-something"` or `"with-otherthing"`.
# To use another software: `"with-other-software"` or `"without-foo"`
# Note, that for dependencies that are `:optional` or `:recommended`, options
# are generated automatically.
# Build a universal (On newer intel Macs this means a combined 32bit and
# 64bit binary/library). LATER: better explain what this means for PPC.
option :universal
option "with-spam", "The description goes here without a dot at the end"
option "with-qt", "Text here overwrites the autogenerated one from `depends_on 'qt'`"
## Bottles
# Bottles are pre-built and added by the Homebrew maintainers for you.
# If you maintain your own repository, you can add your own bottle links.
# You can ignore this block entirely if submitting to Homebrew/Homebrew, It'll be
# handled for you by the Brew Test Bot.
bottle do
root_url "" # Optional root to calculate bottle URLs
prefix "/opt/homebrew" # Optional HOMEBREW_PREFIX in which the bottles were built.
cellar "/opt/homebrew/Cellar" # Optional HOMEBREW_CELLAR in which the bottles were built.
revision 1 # Making the old bottle outdated without bumping the version of the formula.
sha1 "d3d13fe6f42416765207503a946db01378131d7b" => :yosemite
sha1 "cdc48e79de2dee796bb4ba1ad987f6b35ce1c1ee" => :mavericks
sha1 "a19b544c8c645d7daad1d39a070a0eb86dfe9b9c" => :mountain_lion
def pour_bottle?
# Only needed if this formula has to check if using the pre-built
# bottle is fine.
## keg_only
# Software that will not be sym-linked into the `brew --prefix` will only
# live in it's Cellar. Other formulae can depend on it and then brew will
# add the necessary includes and libs (etc.) during the brewing of that
# other formula. But generally, keg_only formulae are not in your PATH
# and not seen by compilers if you build your own software outside of
# Homebrew. This way, we don't shadow software provided by OS X.
keg_only :provided_by_osx
keg_only "because I want it so"
## Dependencies
# The dependencies for this formula. Use strings for the names of other
# formulae. Homebrew provides some :special dependencies for stuff that
# requires certain extra handling (often changing some ENV vars or
# deciding if to use the system provided version or not.)
# `:build` means this dep is only needed during build.
depends_on "cmake" => :build
# Explictly name formulae in other taps. Non-optional tap dependencies won't
# be accepted in core.
depends_on "homebrew/dupes/tcl-tk" => :optional
# `:recommended` dependencies are built by default. But a `--without-...`
# option is generated to opt-out.
depends_on "readline" => :recommended
# `:optional` dependencies are NOT built by default but a `--with-...`
# options is generated.
depends_on "glib" => :optional
# If you need to specify that another formula has to be built with/out
# certain options (note, no `--` needed before the option):
depends_on "zeromq" => "with-pgm"
depends_on "qt" => ["with-qtdbus", "developer"] # Multiple options.
# Optional and enforce that boost is built with `--with-c++11`.
depends_on "boost" => [:optional, "with-c++11"]
# If a dependency is only needed in certain cases:
depends_on "sqlite" if MacOS.version == :leopard
depends_on :xcode # If the formula really needs full Xcode.
depends_on :tex # Homebrew does not provide a Tex Distribution.
depends_on :fortran # Checks that `gfortran` is available or `FC` is set.
depends_on :mpi => :cc # Needs MPI with `cc`
depends_on :mpi => [:cc, :cxx, :optional] # Is optional. MPI with `cc` and `cxx`.
depends_on :macos => :lion # Needs at least Mac OS X "Lion" aka. 10.7.
depends_on :apr # If a formula requires the CLT-provided apr library to exist.
depends_on :arch => :intel # If this formula only builds on intel architecture.
depends_on :arch => :x86_64 # If this formula only build on intel x86 64bit.
depends_on :arch => :ppc # Only builds on PowerPC?
depends_on :ld64 # Sometimes ld fails on `MacOS.version < :leopard`. Then use this.
depends_on :x11 # X11/XQuartz components. Non-optional X11 deps should go in Homebrew/Homebrew-x11
depends_on :osxfuse # Permits the use of the upstream signed binary or our source package.
depends_on :tuntap # Does the same thing as above. This is vital for Yosemite and above.
depends_on :mysql => :recommended
# It is possible to only depend on something if
# `build.with?` or `build.without? "another_formula"`:
depends_on :mysql # allows brewed or external mysql to be used
depends_on :postgresql if build.without? "sqlite"
depends_on :hg # Mercurial (external or brewed) is needed
# If any Python >= 2.7 < 3.x is okay (either from OS X or brewed):
depends_on :python
# to depend on Python >= 2.7 but use system Python where possible
depends_on :python if MacOS.version <= :snow_leopard
# Python 3.x if the `--with-python3` is given to `brew install example`
depends_on :python3 => :optional
# Modules/Packages from other languages, such as :chicken, :jruby, :lua,
# :node, :ocaml, :perl, :python, :rbx, :ruby, can be specified by
depends_on "some_module" => :lua
## Conflicts
# If this formula conflicts with another one:
conflicts_with "imagemagick", :because => "because this is just a stupid example"
## Failing with a certain compiler?
# If it is failing for certain compiler:
fails_with :llvm do # :llvm is really llvm-gcc
build 2334
cause "Segmentation fault during linking."
fails_with :clang do
build 600
cause "multiple configure and compile errors"
## Resources
# Additional downloads can be defined as resources and accessed in the
# install method. Resources can also be defined inside a stable, devel, or
# head block. This mechanism replaces ad-hoc "subformula" classes.
resource "additional_files" do
url ""
sha1 "deadbeef7890123456789012345678901234567890"
## Patches
# External patches can be declared using resource-style blocks.
patch do
url ""
sha1 "deadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeef"
# A strip level of -p1 is assumed. It can be overridden using a symbol
# argument:
patch :p0 do
url ""
sha1 "deadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeef"
# Patches can be declared in stable, devel, and head blocks. This form is
# preferred over using conditionals.
stable do
patch do
url ""
sha1 "deadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeefdeadbeef"
# Embedded (__END__) patches are declared like so:
patch :DATA
patch :p0, :DATA
# Patches can also be embedded by passing a string. This makes it possible
# to provide multiple embedded patches while making only some of them
# conditional.
patch :p0, "..."
## The install method.
def install
# Now the sources (from `url`) are downloaded, hash-checked and
# Homebrew has changed into a temporary directory where the
# archive has been unpacked or the repository has been cloned.
# Print a warning (do this rarely)
opoo "Dtrace features are experimental!" if build.with? "dtrace"
# Sometimes we have to change a bit before we install. Mostly we
# prefer a patch but if you need the `prefix` of this formula in the
# patch you have to resort to `inreplace`, because in the patch
# you don't have access to any var defined by the formula. Only
# HOMEBREW_PREFIX is available in the embedded patch.
# inreplace supports regular expressions.
inreplace "somefile.cfg", /look[for]what?/, "replace by #{bin}/tool"
# To call out to the system, we use the `system` method and we prefer
# you give the args separately as in the line below, otherwise a subshell
# has to be opened first.
system "./", "--arg1", "--prefix=#{prefix}"
# For Cmake, we have some necessary defaults in `std_cmake_args`:
system "cmake", ".", *std_cmake_args
# If the arguments given to configure (or make or cmake) are depending
# on options defined above, we usually make a list first and then
# use the `args << if <condition>` to append to:
args = ["--option1", "--option2"]
args << "--i-want-spam" if build.with? "spam"
args << "--qt-gui" if build.with? "qt" # "--with-qt" ==> build.with? "qt"
args << "--some-new-stuff" if build.head? # if head is used instead of url.
args << "--universal-binary" if build.universal?
# If there are multiple conditional arguments use a block instead of lines.
if build.head?
args << "--i-want-pizza"
args << "--and-a-cold-beer" if build.with? "cold-beer"
# If a formula presents a user with a choice, but the choice must be fulfilled:
if build.with? "example2"
args << "--with-example2"
args << "--with-example1"
# The `build.with?` and `build.without?` are smart enough to do the
# right thing with respect to defaults defined via `:optional` and
# `:recommended` dependencies.
# If you need to give the path to lib/include of another brewed formula
# please use the `opt_prefix` instead of the `prefix` of that other
# formula. The reasoning behind this is that `prefix` has the exact
# version number and if you update that other formula, things might
# break if they remember that exact path. In contrast to that, the
# `$(brew --prefix)/opt/formula` is the same path for all future
# versions of the formula!
args << "--with-readline=#{Formula["readline"].opt_prefix}" if build.with? "readline"
# Most software still uses `configure` and `make`.
# Check with `./configure --help` what our options are.
system "./configure", "--disable-debug", "--disable-dependency-tracking",
"--disable-silent-rules", "--prefix=#{prefix}",
*args # our custom arg list (needs `*` to unpack)
# If your formula's build system is not thread safe:
# A general note: The commands here are executed line by line, so if
# you change some variable or call a method like ENV.deparallelize, it
# only affects the lines after that command.
# Do something only for clang
if ENV.compiler == :clang
ENV.append_to_cflags "-I ./missing/includes"
# Overwriting any env var:
ENV["LDFLAGS"] = "--tag CC"
# Is the formula struggling to find the pkgconfig file? Point it to it.
# This is done automatically for `keg_only` formulae.
ENV.prepend_path "PKG_CONFIG_PATH", "#{Formula["glib"].opt_lib}/pkgconfig"
# Need to install into the bin but the makefile doesn't mkdir -p prefix/bin?
# A custom directory?
mkdir_p share/"example"
# And then move something from the buildpath to that directory?
mv "ducks.txt", share/"example/ducks.txt"
# No "make", "install" available?
bin.install "binary1"
include.install "example.h"
lib.install "example.dylib"
man1.install "example.1"
man3.install "example.3"
# All that README/LICENSE/NOTES/CHANGELOG stuff? Use "metafiles"
# Maybe you'd like to remove a broken or unnecessary element?
# Empty directories will be removed by Homebrew automatically post-install!
rm "bin/example"
rm_rf "share/pointless"
# If there is a "make", "install" available, please use it!
system "make", "install"
# We are in a temporary directory and don't have to care about cleanup.
# Instead of `system "cp"` or something, call `install` on the Pathname
# objects as they are smarter with respect to correcting access rights.
# (`install` is a Homebrew mixin into Ruby's Pathname)
# The pathnames defined in the formula
prefix # == HOMEBREW_PREFIX+"Cellar"+name+version
bin # == prefix+"bin"
doc # == share+"doc"+name
include # == prefix+"include"
info # == share+"info"
lib # == prefix+"lib"
libexec # == prefix+"libexec"
buildpath # The temporary directory where build occurs.
man # share+"man"
man1 # man+"man1"
man2 # man+"man2"
man3 # man+"man3"
man4 # man+"man4"
man5 # man+"man5"
man6 # man+"man6"
man7 # man+"man7"
man8 # man+"man8"
sbin # prefix+"sbin"
share # prefix+"share"
frameworks # prefix+"Frameworks"
kext_prefix # prefix+"Library/Extensions"
# Configuration stuff that will survive formula updates
# Generally we don't want var stuff inside the keg
bash_completion # prefix+"etc/bash_completion.d"
zsh_completion # share+"zsh/site-functions"
# Further possibilities with the pathnames:
# Copy `./example_code/simple/ones` to share/demos
(share/"demos").install "example_code/simple/ones"
# Copy `./example_code/simple/ones` to share/demos/examples
(share/"demos").install "example_code/simple/ones" => "examples"
# Additional downloads can be defined as resources (see above).
# The stage method will create a temporary directory and yield
# to a block.
resource("additional_files").stage { bin.install "my/extra/tool" }
# `name` and `version` are accessible too, if you need them.
## Caveats
def caveats
"Are optional. Something the user should know?"
def caveats
s = <<-EOS.undent
Print some important notice to the user when `brew info <formula>` is
called or when brewing a formula.
This is optional. You can use all the vars like #{version} here.
s += "Some issue only on older systems" if MacOS.version < :mountain_lion
## Test (is optional but makes us happy)
test do
# `test do` will create, run in, and delete a temporary directory.
# We are fine if the executable does not error out, so we know linking
# and building the software was ok.
system bin/"foobar", "--version"
(testpath/"Test.file").write <<-EOS.undent
writing some test file, if you need to
# To capture the output of a command, we use backtics:
assert_equal "OK", ` test.file`.strip
# Need complete control over stdin, stdout?
require "open3"
Open3.popen3("#{bin}/example", "argument") do |stdin, stdout, _|
stdin.write("some text")
assert_equal "result",
# The test will fail if it returns false, or if an exception is raised.
# Failed assertions and failed `system` commands will raise exceptions.
## Plist handling
# Does your plist need to be loaded at startup?
plist_options :startup => true
# Or only when necessary or desired by the user?
plist_options :manual => "foo"
# Or perhaps you'd like to give the user a choice? Ooh fancy.
plist_options :startup => "true", :manual => "foo start"
# Define this method to provide a plist.
# Looking for another example? Check out Apple's handy manpage =>
def plist; <<-EOS.undent
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
# Room for a patch after the `__END__`
# Read about how to get a patch in here:
# In short, `brew install --interactive --git <formula>` and make your edits.
# Then `git diff >> path/to/your/formula.rb`
# Note, that HOMEBREW_PREFIX will be replaced in the path before it is
# applied. A patch can consit of several hunks.