A command line twitter client written in python using the python-twitter API
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Things you should know.

* This project makes use of the python-twitter-api to connect to twitter. It can
  be obtained at http://code.google.com/p/python-twitter/

* Your configuration file should go in your home directory, under the name
  `.chirprc`, and should have the same format as the sample file given.
  It also advised that you give it user read-only permissions (400) as it is
  going to contain your password in plaintext.

* On typing your posts on the command line :

  * Right now, no extra processing is done on the message typed after the --.
  * In fact, this has less to do with the program and more to do with the shell
    you use, since it hasn't been passed to the program yet.
  * One way to make sure everything goes alright is to quote your message with
    single quotes ('), and escape any of those inside.
  * A sample widget for the zle (zsh) has been included, since that's the shell
    it was tested on.
  * For now, the only other option is to leave the message empty, and type it in
    inside chirp's input loop.