Commits on Jan 2, 2017
Commits on Nov 3, 2016
  1. Autumnal cleanup finished

    TheBB committed Nov 3, 2016
Commits on Oct 26, 2016
  1. Bump version to 0.200.4

    TheBB committed Oct 26, 2016
  2. go-guru on MELPA

    TheBB committed Oct 26, 2016
Commits on Oct 19, 2016
  1. Delete changelog.develop file

    Should not be present on a release branch.
    committed Oct 19, 2016
  2. nim: fix key bindings in README

    committed Oct 19, 2016
  3. Add achievements

    9000th star to deb0ch
    committed Oct 19, 2016
  4. Show warnings in home buffer

    TheBB committed with Oct 10, 2016
  5. New package insert-shebang

    committed Sep 16, 2016
  6. Match entire path after -I for passing to expand-file-name.

    Otherwise I was seeing these transformations:
    invocation-dir = C:/Some/Directory
    jlewallen committed with Aug 26, 2016
  7. elixir: flycheck on idle

    `flycheck-mix` now uses `flycheck-buffer-saved-p` so it is safe to
    flycheck on idle: tomekowal/flycheck-mix#2
    aaronjensen committed with Sep 1, 2016
  8. Describe scss-lint setup

    JAremko committed with Sep 2, 2016
  9. Evil Nr TS, add 0..9 prefix and q quit

    This implements the changes in: #7013
    Add "[0..9] prefix" and "[q] quit", and separates the keys by 2 spaces.
    duianto committed with Sep 4, 2016
  10. Completed instructions for a quick start with boot

    Moved to develop branch, original pull request -
    As an absolute beginner, this took a while to figure out, and eventually required reading through Cider's source files.
    Currently, there must be a build.boot file present - an empty one works - if you want to start a repl through cider with boot.
    carbohydratesn committed with Sep 5, 2016
  11. python: really start REPL also in emacs 25.1

    Make `python-start-or-switch-repl` start a REPL when necessery also in
    Emacs 25.1. Previously in Emacs 25.1 it wouldn't do anything if the REPL
    wasn't started already.
    bmag committed with Sep 9, 2016