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I have been using vim for almost 7 yrs now and fairly competent with it. I have tried to switch to emacs a couple of times but given up. i have been using spacemacs for a couple of days and starting to like it.

there are a few things i need to add. not knowing lisp, i am unable to determine what exactly to do.

  1. can we have a forum where people can post questions?
  2. is there an equivalent to
  3. is there something similar to
  4. i want to change the compile command. so when i do SPC c it runs make with a custom command
  5. i am used to splits, how do i define mapping , , , to move around the splits?
  6. how to increment numbers, i used to use in vim, here even in evil mode it takes me to the end of line.

Thanks in advance

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  1. There is a chat here: I don't know if a subreddit is required given the current user base of spacemacs. Though you can post your questions on Emacs Stackexchange, there is a spacemacs tag available.
  2. Dunno.
  3. Try <SPC> h h for sticky highlights toggle and <SPC> h c to clear them. Also <SPC> s h to highlight a symbol and navigate/edit.
  4. The compile command is <SPC> C (capital C) which allows you to pass arguments to make.
  5. <SPC> # with # is the window number. <SPC> w X where X is h, j, k, or l and other bindings I forgot, check the documentation.
  6. The documentation is your friend.

I hope it will help you to get started.


Q2. Easy align looks cool. I want that. In the meantime, there's M-x align-regexp which covers the simple cases.
Q4. In Emacs, the compile-command variable determines what M-x compile does. You can either:
- write a hook to customise it for particular modes
- set it interactively for the current buffer with M-x add-file-local-variable compile-command "your command"
- set it manually in lisp with M-x eval-expression

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thanks @syl20bnr
one last question.

i see that you have perforce support. how do i add a mapping to run a custom perforce script?
in vim i used to use the mapping

    sp | enew | setlocal bt=nofile bh=delete | r !`depth`/bin/p4blame :1
syl20bnr commented Dec 3, 2014

The best is to look at the layers in the contrib directory. In your case you should create a private layer (see README) and extend the p4 package to add some key bindings on <SPC> p 4 X with X being a key of your choice.

See flycheck in python layer which extends the configuration of the spacemacs layer (base layer):


great. Thanks. will definitely take a look.

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