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void function org-link-types #8074

sangjeedondrub opened this Issue Dec 29, 2016 · 10 comments


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sangjeedondrub commented Dec 29, 2016

how to fix the following error which occurs when opening an org file

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (void-function org-link-types)
  (regexp-opt (org-link-types))

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d12frosted commented Dec 29, 2016

@sangjeedondrub it's great that you opened this issue without reading the message we posted for new issues. I am going to duplicate it in the end of my comment. Since you have already opened this issue, could you please share the output of SPD h d s? Also, have you updated all your packages?

If you are posting about a bug please close this issue and open a new one
using [SPC h I] or [M-m h I] (I = capital i) from within Spacemacs. If the
bug makes Spacemacs unusable, you can find the bug report template here
You can delete this message to start typing.


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sangjeedondrub commented Dec 30, 2016

System Info 💻

  • OS: darwin
  • Emacs: 25.1.1
  • Spacemacs: 0.200.5
  • Spacemacs branch: develop (rev. f5957eb)
  • Graphic display: t
  • Distribution: spacemacs
  • Editing style: vim
  • Completion: ivy
  • Layers:
(ivy better-defaults github ranger colors prodigy search-engine graphviz
     (syntax-checking :variables syntax-checking-enable-by-default nil syntax-checking-enable-tooltips nil)
     (spell-checking :variables spell-checking-enable-by-default nil)
     (vinegar :variables vinegar-reuse-dired-buffer t)
     (spacemacs-layouts :variables layouts-enable-autosave nil layouts-autosave-delay 300)
     (git :variables git-magit-status-fullscreen t magit-push-always-verify nil magit-save-repository-buffers 'dontask magit-revert-buffers 'silent magit-refs-show-commit-count 'all magit-revision-show-gravatars nil)
     (ibuffer :variables ibuffer-group-buffers-by 'projects)
     (auto-completion :variables auto-completion-enable-sort-by-usage t auto-completion-enable-snippets-in-popup t :disabled-for org markdown)
     (osx :variables osx-dictionary-dictionary-choice "Simplified Chinese - English")
     (gtags :disabled-for clojure emacs-lisp javascript latex python shell-scripts)
     (shell :variables shell-default-shell 'eshell)
     docker deft markdown org shaders yaml react
     (python :variables python-test-runner
             '(nose pytest))
     (ruby :variables ruby-version-manager 'chruby)
     ruby-on-rails lua html javascript
     (typescript :variables typescript-fmt-on-save nil typescript-fmt-tool 'typescript-formatter)
     (clojure :variables clojure-enable-fancify-symbols t)
     (c-c++ :variables c-c++-default-mode-for-headers 'c++-mode)
     (chinese :packages youdao-dictionary fcitx :variables chinese-enable-fcitx nil chinese-enable-youdao-dict t))

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lujianmei commented Feb 16, 2017

@sangjeedondrub It seems you copied configuration from
And there is a setting which will cause this issue which was defined in this file:
you will find: (org :location built-in)
and spacemacs using org-plus-contrib package which is a newer org-mode version, and built-in is an old version.
So you can just change
(org :location built-in)
It will be ok.


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RockyRoad29 commented Feb 17, 2017

I'm using the official repo and the "faulty statement" is there:

Since my today's upgrade to Spacemacs 0.200.7 I find many issues related to this org-link-type type change.
I'm gathering more information here:

I'm working for this on a fresh ~/.emacs.d/ and .spacemacs (no customization at the moment).

I imagine these :location built-in settings are there for a reason, and I suspect other problems may arise if I removed them bluntly.


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RockyRoad29 commented Feb 19, 2017

The patch I submitted appears not to be a solution, sorry for the inconvenience.
More details in the comments of the PR #8399 .


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coljamkop commented Apr 24, 2017

For me I used C-h v and typed in org-link-types to determine where it was. Turned out that emacs was not referencing the org installed through/updated through melpa, in .emacs.d rather it was referencing the org installed through homebrew in my directory.

Potential solution (for Macs):
brew update


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imcvampire commented Aug 17, 2017

This is my output:

System Info 💻

  • OS: gnu/linux
  • Emacs: 25.2.1
  • Spacemacs: 0.200.9
  • Spacemacs branch: master (rev. 8e1af14)
  • Graphic display: t
  • Distribution: spacemacs
  • Editing style: vim
  • Completion: helm
  • Layers:
(helm emacs-lisp)

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brickZA commented Nov 5, 2017

I've run into this issue with recent fresh spacemacs installs both on macos and ubuntu 17.04. In both cases the emacs configs were completely vanilla with no pre-configuration apart from cloning spacemacs.

In can confirm that changing spacemacs packages.el for the or layer as follows seems to fix the issue for me:

diff --git a/layers/+emacs/org/packages.el b/layers/+emacs/org/packages.el
index 06d73192..568aaeb6 100644
--- a/layers/+emacs/org/packages.el
+++ b/layers/+emacs/org/packages.el
@@ -21,8 +21,10 @@
     ;; ob, org and org-agenda are installed by `org-plus-contrib'
     (ob :location built-in)
-    (org :location built-in)
+    ;; (org :location built-in)
+    org

I'm not sure what else this would break, but so far so good :)

jjlee added a commit to jjlee/spacemacs that referenced this issue Jan 5, 2018

I don't know exactly why but I seem to need this
to avoid this problem syl20bnr#8074

Withoug this, I get a message on startup something like: void function

I'm using this branch with emacs 25.2.2, for which I seem to need a bunch of
tweaks to get my spacemacs config working (cf 25.1.3) :-(

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malcook commented Oct 11, 2018

I expect the issue is really that the version of the .el file was compile under different version of emacs than currently running. Delete the package, restart emacs with -Q, re-get the package(s), all should be good. I just recovered myself from this issue as I describe.


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RockyRoad29 commented Dec 3, 2018

Given the docstring of byte-recompile-directory :

(byte-recompile-directory DIRECTORY &optional ARG FORCE)

Recompile every ‘.el’ file in DIRECTORY that needs recompilation.
This happens when a ‘.elc’ file exists but is older than the ‘.el’ file.
Files in subdirectories of DIRECTORY are processed also.

If the ‘.elc’ file does not exist, normally this function does not
compile the corresponding ‘.el’ file. However, if the prefix argument
ARG is 0, that means do compile all those files. A nonzero
ARG means ask the user, for each such ‘.el’ file, whether to
compile it. A nonzero ARG also means ask about each subdirectory
before scanning it.

If the third argument FORCE is non-nil, recompile every ‘.el’ file
that already has a ‘.elc’ file.

I think that spacemacs/recompile-elpa could be rewritten like this:

      (defun spacemacs/recompile-elpa (arg)
        "Compile or recompile packages in elpa directory, if needed, that is
    if the corresponding .elc file is either missing or outdated.

      If ARG is non-nil, also recompile every `.el' file, regardless of date.

      Useful if you switch Emacs versions."
        (interactive "P")
        (byte-recompile-directory package-user-dir 0 ARG))

Currently, it just calls

  (byte-recompile-directory package-user-dir nil t)

which means that missing .elc files won't be rebuilt, but existing
ones will be recompiled over and over each time (time-consuming for often no improvement).

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