@syl20bnr syl20bnr released this Jan 4, 2016 · 2235 commits to master since this release

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IMPORTANT - Breaking changes

  • SPC l for avy-goto-line is now under SPC y. SPC l is for
    spacemacs layouts.
  • SPC a p is now for list-processes and SPC a P for proced,
    paradox is now on SPC a k.
  • SPC s l is now used to bring back last search buffer and SPC s j
    is for jumping into a file using imenu.
  • In home buffer, jumping to bookmark list is now on b.
  • Projectile: caching is now disabled by default, while it should not
    break anything if you have some functions relying on caching being
    enabled be sure to activate it explicitly in your dotfile with
    (setq projectile-enable-caching t).
  • Git: new key bindings scheme using evil-magit package. If you want
    to continue to use the old evilified bindings add evil-magit package
    to the dotspacemacs-excluded-packages variable of your dotfile.
  • Ruby: the default major mode is now the Emacs built-in ruby-mode.
    If you want to continue to use enh-ruby-mode set the layer variable
    ruby-enable-enh-ruby-mode to t.

Hot new features

  • Spacemacs layouts under SPC l with eyebrowse integration
    (thanks to CestDiego, bmag and TheBB)
  • Revamped Magit key bindings thanks to evil-magit which provides
    a faithful port of Magit UX using Vim key bindings (thanks to justbur)
  • Brand new website on spacemacs.org with readthedocs documentation pages
    (thanks to bobbyangelov, nashamri and TheBB)
  • New command line parameters for emacs:
  • --timed-requires, --profile and --adv-timers [n] to profile and

benchmark Emacs initialization (thanks to justbur)

  • --insecure to disable https when fetching ELPA packages.
  • --debug-init (built-in Emacs parameter) now enable Spacemacs verbose
    messages when Emacs is loading.

Other important notes

  • All extensions directories have been renamed to local. extensions
    directories will be deprecated in 0.106.0.
  • The evil-leader functions evil-leader/set-key and
    evil-leader/set-key-for-mode are now obsolete and will be deprecated
    in a future version.

New conventions

  • Commit and abort commands conventions:
  • SPC m ,~ and ~SPC m c to Valid/Confirm
  • SPC m a and SPC m k to Abort/Discard

(thanks to StreakyCobra)

  • Update evilified state rebinding conventions:
    SPC to ', / to \ and : to |

New Layers

  • bepo in keyboard-layouts (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • command-log in tools (thanks to bmag)
  • elfeed in tools (thanks to d12frosted)
  • evil-cleverparans (thanks to justbur)
  • geolocation (thanks to Gogs)
  • mu4e in email (thanks to darkfeline)
  • octave in lang (thanks to izahn)
  • selectric in fun (thanks to algernon)
  • spacemacs-layouts (thanks to CestDiego)
  • speed-reading (thanks to AdrieanKhisbe)
  • swift in lang (thanks
  • theming (thanks to TheBB)
  • typography (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • vimscript in lang (thanks to ralesi)

Dotfile changes

  • New variable dotspacemacs-elpa-https if non nil use HTTPS otherwise
    use HTTP. Default is t.
  • New variable dotspacemacs-elpa-timeout, default is 5 seconds
  • New variable dotspacemacs-check-for-update to toggle check for Spacemacs
    updates at startup, default is t (thanks to tenthousandfailures)
  • New variable dotspacemacs-default-layout-name to set the name of the
    default Spacemacs layout.
  • New variable dotspacemacs-display-default-layout to toggle display
    of the name of the default layout in the mode-line, default is nil.
  • New variable dotspacemacs-auto-resume-layouts to resume automatically
    the last layout when Emacs starts.
  • New variable dotspacemacs-max-rollback-slots to set the maximum number
    of rollback slots to keep in the cache.
  • New variable dotspacemacs-line-numbers to enable line numbers
    globally, possible values are relative, t or nil.
    Default is nil (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • New variable dotspacemacs-distinguish-gui-tab, if non nil then TAB
    and C-i are distinct using GUI Emacs, default is nil (thanks to justbur)
  • New variable dotspacemacs-startup-recent-list-size to configure the
    number of recent files to display in the home buffer (thanks to bmag)
  • New variable dotspacemacs-whitespace-cleanup to enable automatic
    cleanup of whitespace on save. Possible values are all, trailing,
    changed or nil. Default is changed (thanks to nixmaniack)
  • Remove dotspacemacs-verbose-loading, it is now enabled automatically
    with the command line parameter --debug-init

Distribution layer changes

  • New key binding SPC * to search for current selection or symbol under point
    in the current project. SPC / is similar but does not auto-fill the search
    pattern. This new behavior mimics * and / keys of Vim
    (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • New key binding SPC h d F to describe a face, by default the face under
    point is selected (thanks to TheBB)
  • New key binding SPC h k to display the top level of key bindings
    (thanks to justbur)
  • New key binding SPC h d K to describe a keymap (thanks to justbur)
  • New key binding SPC h SPC for helm-spacemacs (SPC f e h is still
    available) (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • New key binding SPC f E to edit a file with sudo (thanks to cpaulik)
  • New key binding SPC q r to restart Emacs (thanks to nixmaniack)
  • New key binding SPC c q to close compilation window (thanks to joehillen)
  • New key binding SPC c k to kill current compilation (thanks to jb55)
  • New key binding SPC x o to open URLs with avy (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • New key binding backtab to go up a directory in helm (thanks to justbur)
  • New key binding SPC b s to switch to *sratch* buffer (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • New key bindings in help-mode buffers to navigate links:
  • g b or [ to go back (same as clicking on [back] button)
  • g f or ] to go forward (same as clicking on [forward] button)
  • g h to go to help for symbol under point

(thanks to AdrieanKhisbe)

  • New key bindings under SPC i l to insert lorem ipsum text to a buffer
    (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • New key bindings for local and directory variables:
  • SPC f v d to add a directory variable,
  • SPC f v f to add a local variable to the current file,
  • and SPC f v p to add a local variable to the first line of the current file

(thanks to lunaryorn)

  • New key bindings C-q in helm buffers to jump to a candidate using avy
    (thanks to ralesi)
  • Bind g and G in helm micro-state (thanks to dsdshcym)
  • TAB now correctly jump between links in help buffers with motion state
    (thanks to justbur)
  • SPC t n now toggle line numbers locally instead of globally
    (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • SPC a p is now for list-processes (thanks to calebmeyer)
  • SPC f J now open junk file using helm (thanks to nixmaniack)
  • Move toggle for vi-tidle-fringe to SPC T ~
  • Move paradox to SPC a k (thanks to calebmeyer)
  • Move proced to SPC a P (thanks to calebmeyer)
  • Add space-line package which replaces the powerline package
    (thanks to TheBB)
  • Add help-fns+ package (thanks to justbur)
  • Add helm-flx package (thanks to TheBB)
  • Add hl-todo package (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Add lorem-ipsum package (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Add automatic setup of evil-shift-width based on the current mode settings
    (thanks to TheBB)
  • Add Evil text objects slash (/), underscore (_), hyphen (-),
    tilde (~) and equal (=) (thanks to TheBB)
  • Add custom helm mode-line (thanks to TheBB)
  • Add custom info+ mode-line (thanks to TheBB)
  • Add bug-reference-prog-mode to prog-mode-hook (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Add the ability to search with ag, pt etc… when pressing C-s in
    helm-projectile-switch-project (SPC p p) (thanks to TheBB)
  • Add case insensitive alphabetical sort of which-key buffers
  • Add gg and G support in neotree buffers (thanks to synic)
  • Set compilation-scroll-output to first-error (thanks to joehillen)
  • Fix helm micro-state bug with numerical prefix arguments (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix helm freezes when using mouse to click and drag in the results list
    (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix helm-do-grep-preselect-candidate void variable error (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix linum-relative-mode toggle being called twice the first time it is used
    (thanks to justbur)
  • Fix SPC j k unwanted auto-comment (thanks to driftcrow)
  • Fix spacemacs/write-file being repeatable with . (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Fix debug-on-error toggle (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Fix recentf-exclude to be customizable (thanks to duerrp)
  • Fix spacemacs/kill-other-buffers (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix reversed mode-line toggle (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix ahs-edit-mode function which requires an argument (thanks to hanmoi-choi)
  • Fix spacemacs/sudo-edit to make it work on remote ssh buffers with
    multi-hops (thanks to dcluna)
  • Fix transparency toggle (thanks to justbur)
  • Fix toggle for truncate-lines (thanks to driftcrow)
  • Fix visible cursor in helm buffers
  • Enable built-in Emacs lock files by setting create-lockfiles to t
    (thanks to xfq)
  • Greatly simplify holy-mode by disabling evil-mode (thanks to justbur)
  • Standardise zoom key bindings: + and = zoom in, - zoom out and 0
    reset the zoom level (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Evilify package menu (thanks to nixmaniack)
  • Evilify Neotree buffer (thanks to bmag)
  • Set dired-dwim-target to t to make dired to guess a default target
    directory (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Set helm-org-format-outline-path to t by default (thanks to TheBB)
  • Increase number of stored recent files to 1000 (thanks to duerrp)
  • Allow evil operators to show commands in which-key (thanks to justbur)
  • Allow last-search-buffer to resume last search even if no saved search
    (thanks to nixmaniack)
  • Improve count-words-analysis output (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Switch between columns layout now correctly toggle golden-ratio
    (thanks to geksilla)
  • Do not kill the Emacs server when killing frame (thanks to drewkett)
  • Do not change custom-file value if already set (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Use evil-indent-plus package to replace evil-indent-textobject
    (thanks to TheBB)
  • Use built-in evil variable evil-want-Y-yank-to-eol to set Y behavior
    (thanks to person808)
  • Use built-in evil-set-initial-state function to set the default evil
    states (thanks to justbur)
  • Use tab-width instead of obsolete default-tab-width (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Remove obsolete evil-jumper-file (thanks to TheBB)
  • Remove key binding for deprecated rxt-fontify-regexp-at-point
    (thanks to mineo)
  • Remove custom write-file function and use built-in save-buffer function
    instead (thanks to cpaulik)
  • Disable projectile caching by default (thanks to cpaulik)
  • Disable version control integration of Neotree by setting
    neo-vc-integration to nil (thanks to synic)
  • Make google translate language code case-insensitive (thanks to lislon)


  • Add add to dotfile action on a layer (thanks to CestDiego)
  • Add action to open .org files for editing (thanks to TheBB)
  • Add FAQ source (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Beautify sources (thanks to TheBB)

Evilified map

  • Fix shadowed keys in minibuffer
  • Fix bug where key bindings could be unexpectedly redefined
    (thanks to darkfeline)

Layer changes


  • Add helm-company package available on C-/ while company popup is active
    (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix yas-snippet-dirs setup (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix yasnippet expand to select first snippet automatically
    (thanks to TheBB)
  • Make auto-yasnippet points to private directory by default
    (thanks to taiansu)

Better defaults

  • Fix spacemacs/backward-kill-word-or-region with rectangular selection
    (thanks to bmag)


  • Fix flycheck clang args loading (thanks to zhengyangfeng00)


  • Add fcitx support (thanks to zilongshanren)
  • Add pinyin support for avy-goto-char (thanks to CodeFalling)


  • New key binding SPC m s I for cider-jack-in-clojurescript
    (thanks to benalbrecht)
  • New refactoring key bindings: SPC mred for cljr-extract-def,
    SPC mrfu for cljr-find-usages and SPC mrsc for cljr-show-changelog
    (thanks to mbertheau)
  • Use cljr--all-helpers for automatic setup of refactoring key bindings
    (thanks to grammati)


  • Enable zeal on Microsoft Windows (thanks to dotneter-)


  • New key binding SPC m s c to compile the current buffer in the IEx process
    (thanks to timbuchwaldt)
  • New key binding SPC m s m to reload the module in the current buffer in
    your IEx process (thanks to timbuchwaldt)
  • New key binding SPC m t r to rerun the last test (thanks to djm)
  • Bind q to =quit-window=in various elixir modes (thanks to utkarshkukreti)
  • Enable company-mode in alchemist-iex-mode (thanks to utkarshkukreti)
  • Fix ruby-end hook removal (thanks to TheBB)


  • Fix incorrect command for elm-repl-load (thanks to holguinj)
  • Fix key bindings for REPL commands updated upstream (thanks to tcallan)

Emacs lisp

  • Add auto-compile package (thanks to justbur)
  • New key bindings for compilation:
    SPC m c c to byte compile the current file,
    SPC m c l to popup compile-log buffer
    (thanks to justbur)
  • Add q to exit macrostep (thanks to ralesi)


  • Fix notification icon (thanks to aminb)
  • Fix erroneous micro-state key binding (thanks to StreakyCobra)


  • Simplify the configuration of ESS minor modes (thanks to izahn)
  • SPC m s i now automatically start the correct REPL for the current
    buffer (thanks to izahn)
  • Fix company activation (thanks to michelk)


  • Update evil-snipe mode names (thanks to person808)


  • Add h and l bindings to eyebrowse micro-state (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix workspace numbers, the first workspace now starts at 1 instead of 0
    (thanks to d12frosted)
  • Fix call to eyebrowse-rename (thanks to TheBB)


  • Add Pacmacs game (thanks to CestDiego)


  • New key binding scheme using evil-magit package (thanks to justbur)
  • New key binding SPC g i for magit-init (thanks to CestDiego)
  • New key binding SPC g c for magit-checkout (thanks to PierreR)
  • New key bindings SPC m ,~ and ~SPC m c to Valid/Confirm with-editor
    buffers (thanks to justbur)
  • New key bindings SPC m a and SPC m k to Abort/Discard with-editor
    buffers (thanks to justbur)
  • Add gr and gR bindings to refresh in evilified Magit buffers
  • Add support for links to Magit buffer in org buffers
    (thanks to mskorzhinskiy)
  • Enable gravatars
  • Redefine key bindings to user Magit popups whenever it is possible
    (thanks to ralesi)
  • Store magit gravatars in cache directory (thanks to CestDiego)
  • git-timemachine and git-blame micro-states are now idempotent when
    invoked. So these micro-states can be invoked again without side effects.
  • Move magit-gh-pulls bindings from #g to #
  • magit-git-flow prefix binding is now % instead of #f
    (thanks to nixmaniack)
  • Fix git-magit-status-fullscreen (thanks to bmag)
  • Fix various bugs with evilification of maps
  • Add gr and gR bindings to refresh in evilified Magit buffers
  • Deactivate evil-snipe mode which messes with magit buffer (thanks to


  • New key binding SPC g c to clone and optionally fork repository
    (thanks to cpaulik)


  • New key binding SPC m x x to run go run for the current main package
    (thanks to sectorzero)
  • New key bindings for testing:
  • SPC m t P to run go test for the current package and all packages under it |
  • SPC m t t to run go test for the function you're currently in

and SPC m t s to run go test for the suite you're currently in
(thanks to bogdanteleaga)

  • Import GO15VENDOREXPERIMENT from environment variables
    (thanks to sectorzero)


  • New key binding SPC m h H to do a local (not using internet) Hoogle lookup
    (thanks to jb55)
  • New key binding SPC m g i to jump to imports (thanks to bennofs)
  • New key bindings for ghc-mod:
  • SPC m m t to insert template
  • SPC m m u to insert template with holes
  • SPC m m a to select one of possible cases
  • SPC m m f to replace a hole
  • SPC m m e to expand template haskell
  • SPC m m n to go to next type hole
  • SPC m m p to go to previous type hole
  • SPC m m > to make indent deeper
  • SPC m m < to make indent shallower

(thanks to Tritlo)

  • Add REPL key bindings to cabal-mode (thanks to d12frosted)
  • Add text alignment rules (thanks to PierreR)
  • Fix SPC m s S key binding for switching back from REPL
    (thanks to d12frosted)
  • Fix typo in variable haskell-interactive-popup-errors (thanks to usharf)
  • Fix SPC m h t and SPC m h i bindings (thanks to d12frosted)
  • Fix SPC m s s according to conventions, i.e. does not switch to REPL
    buffer (thanks to d12frosted)
  • Fix missing key bindings when ghc-mod is disabled (thanks to d12frosted)
  • Fix ghci-ng for stack projects (thanks to bjarkevad)
  • Force haskell-mode loading in cabal files (thanks to d12frosted)
  • Remove indentation guides to comply with latest haskell-mode
    (thanks to PierreR)
  • Remove haskell-indentation-mode hook (thanks to d12frosted)


  • Add company-css backend in web-mode (thanks to TheBB)
  • Enable Emmet tab expansion in hybrid mode (thanks to geo7)
  • Expand to className when using Emmet, for instance div.react-class
    expands to <div className = "react-class"></div> (thanks to CestDegio)
  • Mark css-indent-offset as safe local variable (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Fix smartparens loading (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix erroneous micro-state key binding (thanks to StreakyCobra)


  • Use popwin and motion state for special buffers (thanks to holguinj)


  • Add evil-matchit support for js files (thanks to robbyoconnor)


  • New layer variable latex-enable-folding to enable text folding, default
    value is nil (thanks to justbur)
  • New key bindings SPC m ,~ and ~SPC m k for C-c C-c and C-c C-k
    respectively (thanks to justbur)
  • New key bindings:
  • SPC m . to mark LaTeX environment
  • SPC m * to mark LaTeX section
  • SPC m k to kill TeX job
  • SPC m l to recenter output buffer
  • SPC m m to insert LaTeX macro
  • SPC m s to insert LaTeX section
  • SPC m v to view output

(thanks to justbur)

  • New folding key bindings (available if latex-enable-folding is non nil):
  • SPC m z b to fold TeX buffer
  • SPC m z e to fold TeX environment
  • SPC m z m to fold TeX macro
  • SPC m z = to fold TeX math
  • SPC m z r to fold TeX region

(thanks to justbur)

  • New TeX-font key bindings:
  • SPC m x c to make font monospaced (for code)
  • SPC m x e to make font emphasised
  • SPC m x i to make font italic
  • SPC m x o to make font oblique
  • SPC m x r to remove font properties
  • SPC m x f a to use calligraphic font
  • SPC m x f c to use small-caps font
  • SPC m x f f to use sans serif font
  • SPC m x f n to use normal font
  • SPC m x f r to use serif font
  • SPC m x f u to use upright font

(thanks to TheBB)

  • New key binding SPC m - to open output buffer (thanks to benquebec)
  • Configure latexmk as the default build command (thanks to izahn)
  • Disable typo (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix enabling of minor modes TeX-source-correlate-mode and TeX-PDF-mode
    (thanks to justbur)


  • New key binding SPC m x C to insert github flavored code block
    (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Include missing gh-md package (thanks to tko)


  • Use MELPA version of flycheck-nim package (thanks to Gonzih)
  • Remove package company-nim which is now part of nim-mode
    (thanks to robbyoconnor)


  • Fix error when initializing opam (thanks to TheBB)
  • Make OCaml generated files invisible to completion (thanks to StreakyCobra)


  • New key bindings:
  • SPC m <dotspacemacs-major-mode-leader-key> for org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c
  • SPC m * for org-ctrl-c-star
  • SPC m RET for org-ctrl-c-ret
  • SPC m - for org-ctrl-c-minus
  • SPC m ^ for org-sort
  • SPC m / for org-sparse-tree

(thanks to TheBB)

  • New key binding SPC m P for org-set-property (thanks to swaroopch)
  • New key binding SPC m ! for org-time-stamp-inactive
    (thanks to channingwalton)
  • New key binding SPC m D to insert drawer (thanks to cpaulik)
  • Add drawer evil-surround pair (thanks to TheBB)
  • Use SPC a o as prefix for org related applications like org-agenda
    or org-capture. The a is for application, and o for org
    (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Use RET in normal state for follow links (thanks to justbur)
  • Enable flyspell by default (thanks to robbyoconnor)
  • Move evil-org to a local package (thanks to TheBB)
  • Move .org-id-locations to cache directory (thanks to fandag)


  • Fix search for GNU ls (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Use osx-trash package to handle deleted items (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Make mdfind the default backend for helm-locate (thanks to Andre0991)
  • Set font Apple Color Emoji for emojis (thanks to myrjola)


  • Remove deprecated puppetfile-mode package (thanks to joehillen)


  • Add psc-ide support (thanks to kRITZCREEK)


  • New layer variable python-auto-set-local-pyenv-version to automatically
    set pyenv version from a .python-version file. Possible values are
    on-visit, on-project-switch or nil, default is on-visite
    (thanks to fbergroth)
  • Various fixes to pylookup to make it work again (thanks to TheBB)
  • Allow user to customize fill column with the variable python-fill-column
    (thanks to swaroopch)
  • Fix pylookup makefile for python version 2.7.10 (thanks to hyh)


  • Fix flycheck setup, do not disable jshint globally,
    but only for react mode (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Enable js-mode snippet (thanks to rhalukongor)
  • Open index.android.js and index.ios.js with react mode (thanks to erwan)


  • Enable built-in ruby-mode by default instead of enh-ruby-mode
    (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • New layer variable ruby-enable-enh-ruby-mode to enable enh-ruby-mode
    by default instead of ruby-mode.
  • New layer variable ruby-test-runner to choose between ruby-test or
  • Add support for rspec (thanks to alexgirdler and dcluna)
  • Add support for chruby (thanks to bjeanes and Immortalin)
  • Add rubocop package (thanks to dcluna)
  • New rubocop key bindings:
  • SPC m r r f to run RuboCop on the currently visited file
  • SPC m r a D to autocorrect current directory
  • SPC m r r F to run auto-correct on the currently visited file
  • SPC m r a P to autocorrect current project
  • SPC m r r d to prompt from a directory on which to run RuboCop
  • SPC m r r D to prompt for a directory on which to run auto-correct
  • SPC m r r p to run RuboCop on the entire project
  • SPC m r r P to run auto-correct on the project

Ruby on rails

  • Move SPC m r r : to SPC m r :


  • New key binding SPC m c C to remove build artefacts with Cargo
    (thanks to SShrike)
  • New key binding SPC m g g to jump to definition (thanks to isphinx)
  • Use exec-path-from-shell-copy-env to set RUST_SRC_PATH for Racer
    (thanks to mahinshaw)


  • New layer variable scala-enable-eldoc to explicitly turn on el-doc,
    default value is nil (thanks to d1egoaz)
  • New layer variable scala-auto-insert-asterisk-in-comments to automatically
    insert asterisk in multi-line comments (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • New key binding SPC m b b for sbt-command (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Enable Ensime’s expand-region integration (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Only disable flycheck Scala syntax checker in Ensime (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Fix test key bindings (thanks lunaryorn)
  • Fix automatic trigger of completion when hitting . (thanks to d1egoaz))


  • New key binding SPC m s s for scheme implementation selection
    (thanks to troydm)
  • New key bindings to evaluate code:
  • SPC m e b to evaluate the whole buffer
  • SPC m e e to evaluate last sexp
  • SPC m e f to evaluate current function
  • SPC m e l to evaluate line
  • SPC m e r to evaluate region

(thanks to CestDiego)


  • Add xterm-color package (thanks to CestDiego)
  • New key bindings C-j and C-k to browse history in normal state
    (thanks to mijoharas and TheBB)
  • New key binding C-l in eshell to clear buffer (thanks to CestDiego)
  • New key binding C-c C-z to stop jobs (thanks to darkfeline)
  • Add support to open zsh common files with sh-mode (.zsh, zlogin,
    zlogout, zpreztorc, zprofile, zshenv, zshrc) (thanks to jcf)
  • Use login shell as term shell (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Automatically scroll the buffer on new output by setting variable
    comint-move-point-for-output to t.
  • Deactivate scroll margin for shell buffers (thanks to darkfeline)
  • Protect prompt in comint-mode (thanks to CestDiego)
  • Set eshell-hist-ignoredups to t (thanks to CestDiego)
  • Typing clear in an eshell buffer will clear the buffer
    (thanks to CestDiego)
  • Fix SIGQUIT bug (thanks to darkfeline)


  • New layer variable spell-checking-enable-by-default to enable/disable
    flyspell by default globally (thanks to TheBB)
  • Move auto-dictionary from spacemacs layer to spell-checking
    and activate it (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Disable line numbers in shell buffers (thanks to CestDiego)
  • Fix flyspell-prog-mode activation (thanks to lunaryorn)


  • New layer variable syntax-checking-enable-by-default to enable/disable
    flycheck by default globally (thanks to TheBB)
  • Evilify flycheck error list (thanks to TheBB and bmag)
  • Enable new global minor mode flycheck-pos-tip-mode (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • New key bindings SPC e s and SPC e S to select flycheck checker
    executable (thanks to nashamri)
  • Fix escaping in buffer name regexp (thanks to lunaryorn)
  • Remove flycheck fringe's bullet underlines (thanks to StreakyCobra)


  • Add jbeans theme (thanks to synic)
  • Add farmhouse theme (thanks to CodeFalling)
  • Add badwolf theme (thanks to fabianhjr)


  • Fix obsolete vagrant-tramp-enable variable (thanks to joehillen)


  • New key bindings SPC T d and SPC T C-d to toggle diff margin in the fringe
    (thanks to ralesi)
  • New micro-state on SPC g . to stage, unstage, commit, show diff,
    show hunks, etc… (thanks to ralesi)
  • Add support for multiple gutter backends: diff-hl, git-gutter and
    git-gutter+ (thanks to ralesi)


  • Fix evilified dired (thanks to TheBB)


  • Enable company


  • Initial version (thanks to bobbyangelov, nashamri and TheBB)

Core changes

  • New command line parameters --timed-requires and --profile to debug
    and benchmark Emacs initialization (thanks to justbur)
  • New command line parameter --insecure to disable https
  • Add path variable spacemacs-assets-directory (thanks to aminb)
  • Add a check to make sure that the Spacemacs git repository is not dirty before
    switching the Spacemacs versions (thanks to justbur)
  • Add an error message when the minimal Emacs version is not met
    (thanks Immortalin)
  • Add spacemacs/recompile-elpa interactive function (thanks to justbur)
  • Add user-emacs-directory in async-start (thanks to brabalan)
  • Set ad-redefinition-action to accept
  • Enable distinction between C-i and TAB (thanks to justbur)
  • Move evilified-state library to local package of spacemacs layer
  • Replace evil-leader package by bind-map package (thanks to justbur)
  • Remove special handling of spacemacs-theme and solarized-theme
    (thanks to TheBB)
  • Remove bootstrap packages dash and f
  • Improved travis Build relying on container and EVM (thanks AdrieanKhisbe)
  • Improve installation speed of themes and bootstrap packages
  • Keep focus while navigating *help* buffers (thanks to sooheon)
  • Catch errors in executed dotfile functions and signal them to the user
    (thanks to justbur)
  • Show errors in *Messages* buffer when loading .spacemacs instead of
    ignoring them (thanks to dcluna)
  • Fix overwrite of clipboard at startup (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Fix error when setting dotspacemacs-major-mode-leader-key to nil
    (thanks to justbur)
  • Fix some loading warnings (thanks to syohex)
  • Fix theme cycling after SPC T h is used (thanks to nixmaniack)
  • Fix various usage of obsolete functions (thanks to justbur)
  • Fix various free variable references (thanks to justbur)
  • Hide mode-line at startup
  • Generate necessary HTML for the Spacemacs docs (used for the website)
    (thanks to travisbhartwell)

Home buffer

  • b now jumps to the bookmark list (thanks to kccai)
  • Set Spacemacs home buffer as initial buffer for Emacs clients
    (thanks to TheBB)
  • Inject Emacs version along with Spacemacs version in home buffer
    (thanks to ralesi)
  • Add a Spacemacs Update button to the spacemacs buffer, and relabel the
    package update button to read Update Packages (thanks to justbur)
  • Show quick help menu when no .spacemacs file is found (thanks to person808)
  • Do not start spacemacs buffer in motion state when editing style is emacs
    (thanks to justbur)
  • Factor out spacemacs-buffer creation (thanks to justbur)
  • Move spacemacs-mode to core-spacemacs-buffer.el (thanks to justbur)
  • Simplify spacemacs-buffer/goto-link-line (thanks to justbur)

Configuration layer

  • Limit the number of rollback slots (thanks to elemakil)
  • Add a timeout when fetching ELPA archives
  • Allow explicit path for package location (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix configuration-layer/package-usedp for excluded packages
  • Fix automatic deletion of bootstrap packages (thanks to TheBB)
  • Fix creation of README.org file in configuration-layer/create-layer
    (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Add package keyword :protected
  • Set configuration layer error flag when calling user dotfile functions


  • :exit keyword now accepts a list
  • Execute :on-enter before :doc in micro-state

Other fixes and improvements

  • README.md introduction rewrite (thanks to purcell)
  • New badge Built with Spacemacs (thanks to nashamri)
  • Merge files HOWTOs.org in FAQ.org (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Merge the CONTRIBUTING.md and doc/CONTRIBUTE.org files into a new
    CONTRIBUTING.org file (thanks to StreakyCobra)
  • Delete unneeded .gitmodules file (thanks to robbyoconnor)
  • Add cl- prefix to cl-lib functions (thanks to coldnew, robbyoconnor)
  • Replace eval-after-load with with-eval-after-load (thanks to person808)
  • New Spacemacs screenshot in README.md (thanks to nashamri)
  • New text banners of the Spacemacs logo (thanks to sshbio)
  • Add prefix command names (thanks to grammati, jenanwise, davoclavo, tekerson,
    d12frosted, CestDiego, lunaryorn, nixmaniack, AlexCharlton)
  • Typos and documentation improvements (thanks to AdrieanKhisbe, bardec,
    bebound, benquebec, bmag, bogdanteleaga, CarlQLange, CestDiego, CodeFalling,
    com4, cpaulik, d12frosted, d1egoaz, dotneter-, dptd, dsdshcym, dvcrn,
    eagleflo, ernestas, FlashYoshi, Immortalin, jrk, justbur, masukomi,
    MaxWofford, mbertheau, mineo, mijoharas, mkollaro, nashamri, pbzdyl,
    person808, robbyoconnor, scloudyy, shishkin, swaroopch, TheBB, Treri,
    vijaykiran, xfq, xtian, ZachLiss)

Core team members

  • Sylvain Benner (syl20bnr)
  • Eivind Fonn (TheBB)
  • Fabien Dubosson (StreakyCobra)
  • Justin Burkett (justbur)