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+chat Fix connecting to default servers with TLS more than once with ERC Oct 19, 2016
+checkers Add leader binding for `flycheck-explain-error` Oct 19, 2016
+completion Add open packages.el shortcut in spacemacs-help Oct 19, 2016
+distributions Fix #6947 by deriving conf-mode from text-mode Oct 19, 2016
+emacs Move org-async-init.el into org/local dir Oct 19, 2016
+email Add mu installation note for OSX/Homebrew users Aug 30, 2016
+frameworks Declare prefix for ruby-mode and enh-ruby-mode in rails layer Oct 19, 2016
+fun Replace the typewriter image with the correct one. Fix #6832 Aug 17, 2016
+intl [bepo] Fix loading of the ranger correction Sep 3, 2016
+lang go-guru on MELPA Oct 26, 2016
+misc/nlinum core: special toggle API for minor modes Jun 1, 2016
+os add notes about setting up osx dictionary Aug 28, 2016
+pair-programming/floobits Convert org doc files with doc-fmt Mar 31, 2016
+source-control Move spacemacs/git-link-* functions to git layer Oct 19, 2016
+spacemacs More robust fix for error ‘fuzzy-match’ not supported in async sources Jan 2, 2017
+tags Fix jump handler macro invocation Sep 5, 2016
+themes Remove themes missing from MELPA Nov 3, 2016
+tools ycmd: improve search of nearest file in compilation database Oct 19, 2016
+vim Fix error with which-key--buffer on startup Jun 18, 2016
+web-services Improved search-engine layer Aug 17, 2016 Update Oct 3, 2016
auto-layer.el Extend lazy-install for other clojure based modes. Apr 5, 2016