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Ruby on Rails layer


Table of Contents


This layer aims at providing support for the Ruby on Rails framework.


To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add ruby-on-rails to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

Key bindings

Code Navigation

Key bindingDescription
SPC m r f afind localization file
SPC m r f cfind controller
SPC m r f efind environment file
SPC m r f ffind feature
SPC m r f hfind helper
SPC m r f ifind initializer
SPC m r f jfind javascript file
SPC m r f lfind library
SPC m r f mfind model
SPC m r f nfind migration
SPC m r f ofind log
SPC m r f pfind spec file
SPC m r f rfind rake task
SPC m r f sfind stylesheet file
SPC m r f tfind test
SPC m r f ufind fixture
SPC m r f vfind view
SPC m r f yfind layout
SPC m r f @find mailer
SPC m r g cgo to current controller
SPC m r g dgo to DB schema
SPC m r g ego to DB seeds
SPC m r g hgo to current helper
SPC m r g jgo to current javascript
SPC m r g ggo to Gemfile
SPC m r g mgo to current model
SPC m r g ngo to current migration
SPC m r g pgo to current spec
SPC m r g rgo to routes
SPC m r g sgo to current stylesheet
SPC m r g tgo to current test
SPC m r g ugo to current fixture
SPC m r g vgo to current view
SPC m r g zgo to spec helper
SPC m r g .go to file at point (faster but less powerful than SPC m g g)


Key bindingDescription
SPC m r R xextract region into partial

RUN commands

Key bindingDescription
SPC m r :run rake task
SPC m r c crun rails generator
SPC m r istart rails console
SPC m r s rreload Rails project
SPC m r x sstart rails server


Key bindingDescription
:ASwitch between implementation and tests